Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie – Oath Under the Snow: After Thoughts

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I am a huge fan of the Fate/kaleid series. Yes, I haven’t seen any other Fate series except this amazing spin-off and the one I reviewed earlier this year, Fate Apocrypha. Still, I am quite familiar with the Fate’s story very much I could pass as a casual watcher of the series. LOL.

When I first heard the news that Fate/kaleid would get a movie, I was really ecstatic cuz the the ending of the last season of the series was so meh and underwhelming, it needs a freakin’ continuation. But unfortunately, the movie focused more on the backstory of Miyu and Shirou.

I won’t complain. It is already amazing that the series got a movie. I do hope they make a new season though.vlcsnap-2018-09-20-11h58m17s031.png

Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Aug 26, 2017
Studios: Silver Link.
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Magic
Duration: 1 hr. 29 min.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synopsis: An adaptation of the flashback arc from the Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! manga. The events, chronologically, occur entirely before the first Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya TV series. While the film bears Illya’s name, she is not the focus of the film with only a few seconds of screen-time allotted. (MAL)

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Movie – Oath Under the Snow is a great movie and a must watch for every Fate/kaleid fans out there. Even though we knew the aftermath of Miyu going to the world of Illya, in this movie, we get to know more about Shirou, Miyu’s “brother”, Miyu’s background, and how she was able to go to Illya’s world.

The movie focuses more on Shirou’s POV of everything that happened prior to the series. In some ways, this movie would be hard to understand by the people who hadn’t seen the Fate/kaleid series. Another thing, this movie might have the title of Fate/kaleid, but the lead characters except for Miyu are not part of the movie. Cuz of that, I’m not sure hardcore fans of Fate/kaleid would like this movie. Anyway.

Infairness, the story is quite interesting. I didn’t expect Shirou’s life would in some ways a bit similar to the Fate series, only with Miyu as the Holy grail. The story started off abit slow, with the introduction of Shirou and his step-dad, Kiritsugu. Those parts were bit boring. It does pick up the pace around the time when Shirou was alot older. Also around that time I begun to focus more on the movie. The progression of the story then became solid until the very end. Shirou became more and more stronger, he also became more alot like Archer. It was really exciting to watch. Though, I do wanna point out that the climax part was a bit underwhelming. It wasn’t just the climax part (Shirou v. Gilgamesh) but most of the fights in the movie were underwhelming. Maybe because I got used to awesome fight scenes from the Fate/Kaleid series, I was expecting this movie to be more awesome.

I think the only thing I like about this movie was Shirou’s development. Miyu, even though she’s an important character, doesn’t do much and was too shallow to have some connection to the viewers. Shirou, on the other hand, we get to see him struggle as he chooses which would be the right thing to do: Save Miyu or Save Humanity. Again, its Utilitarianism, this topic sure is quite popular in animes. Anyway, his development all through out the movie was amazing to watch. Though, I do wanna point out that his adoration for Miyu is a bit uhhhh too much. I know that he could do everything for his “lil’ sister”, but his actions pretty much screams more than sibling love. That’s why I prefer the Shirou in Illya’s world. He’s more chill and doesn’t give af with everything that was happening.

Let’s move on.

Studio Silver link, never once disappointed me with their art & animation, especially for all their Fate/Kaleid series (It’s always good). But this time, they were abit ambitious. Fate/Kaleid series were not only known for its amazing high level fanservice (lol), but also well executed animations. This movie was trying to look like the ufotable Fate series, and that’s a bit weird. They should have maintain or upgraded the usual Fate/Kaleid animation rather than trying to become ufotable. I do notice some good moments of animation, but the ambitious move of the studio was alot more visible to notice the good shots.

Overall, even with those negative points mentioned above, this movie is still good. This isa good sequel to the underwhelming cliffhanger of the last season of Fate/kaleid. And like I said, in the beginning, I freakin’ need a new season from this franchise.

I can’t really recommend this to everyone unless you guys had seen all of the Fate/kaleid series. That’s why watch that first.

That is all.

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  1. Dewbond Permalink

    I’ve been trying to hunt down this movie for a while now. I binged the ENTIRE fate series (except the OG one, cause fuck it looks horrible) but this is the one thing I couldn’ find, and I LOVED Fate Ilya.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      lol XD rip fate OG
      You can find this movie on some illegal anime sites. I think they have a copy now.
      Fate Illya is <3 <3

  2. Dewbond Permalink

    I’ll have to hunt it down then. Great posts on Fate Ilya as well, I’m going to be doing my shallow dive into everything Fate probably in the near future.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      I planning on diving into fate franchise in the future…. Yeah… Also the bad fate animes.. XD

      1. Dewbond Permalink

        Honestly aside from the OG Fate Stay Night, which is more a victim of its time, the only one that was full on bad was Fate Grand Order, aka Fate Butt Window. The others are all mixed bags and good highs and bad lows.

  3. Dewbond Permalink

    Lol I meant Fate Last Encore, not Grand Order, that one was actually surprisingly good.


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