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Finding You Movie

Finding You, a Filipino Movie Review

With the current pandemic, we can't help but just chill at home and watch whatever is available. That's what I did. Other than watching the...
Shokugeki no soma 4

Shokugeki no Souma – Shin no Sora Anime Review

Yo! Will Sirius here. Currently, Shokugeki no Souma's latest season is airing. But before I dive myself into that, I watched first the previous...

Warrior Nun, Netflix TV Series Review

Who knew this day would come when I appreciate seeing nuns being badass. Yep, I am now a fan of Warrior Nun.

Beastars Anime Review, I now understand the Hype

I dunno what came over me but I randomly watched Beastars on Netflix. I guess, after depriving myself of anime content, I snapped and...
Monthly Melodies

Monthly Melodies: New Songs I discovered

Yo! Sirius here. It's been a while since I made a Monthly Melodies post. hehehe. For today, I will be sharing with you guys a list of...
why i love legacies

Why I love Legacies

Okay, ever since I came back from my break, I already teased about me making a post about my adoration to the CW show,...
Original Story

Out of Love – Original Story

Yo! Sirius here. This is it. I am actually publishing this for everyone to see. My first (official) original story. I had always expressed, not only...
Old songs to drown into

Monthly Melodies: Old Songs I drown myself to

I dunno if I shared this before, but ever since I was young, it's always been hard for me to express my feelings. I...

My Top Favorite Western TV Series

I was planning on making a post on my current favorite tv show when I remembered that I haven't even shared with...
blog birthday anniversary

Birthday Special Blog Update!! – Time for Change

Yo! Sirius here! I know its been awhile since my last blog post but yeah, I had been busy with life. Last weekend was my Birthday...