Sirius Writes

About Me!


Hi! My name Will Sirius, you can call me Sirius. I am an awkward introvert trying to be a writer someday. I am lazy, an overthinker and I daydream a lot. I also just graduated from a University so I have so much time (yay!) to post stuff here in this blog. I am not a skilled writer, though I want to be. A friend of mine suggested that I should do this, have a blog and post stuff, as a practice so that I would be better in writing.

Now, the purpose. The reason I created this blog is that I need an outlet for my feelings. Let’s just say, I am one of those types who struggles and has a hard time expressing their feelings and words well. In a way, this blog is a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings without hesitation. It is also a place where I can practice my English. I had become rusty over the years and it is killing me inside.

For the content, it’s random. The topics will vary from my hobbies and addictions: animes, music, concerts, tv series, etc. Compared to other people, my interest is all over the place. My addictions are too many XD. I listen to different kinds of music, from classical to metal, even in a different language. I also watch different tv series, ranging from Korean dramas to American shows. For sure, I will have a load of content here.

I can’t promise a consistent release of posts as I am a “my-pace” type of person, so I usually work along with my mood. You might find my content and writing┬áreally weird and over the place, and for that I am sorry *bows*. Maybe some of my content may not be your liking, I am still thankful for visiting my blog. I am a newcomer in this blog world, so please bear with my writing style and weirdness *bows*.

Well, this is Will Sirius. Thank you for visiting. :3