why i love legacies

Why I love Legacies

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Okay, ever since I came back from my break, I already teased about me making a post about my adoration to the CW show, LEGACIES.

LEGACIES was the 3rd series under The Vampire Diaries Universe. It sets 2 years after the last season of the TVD spinoff, The Originals.

I first discovered the existence of this show through a Youtuber, Alex Meyers, who likes to make funny reviews on western tv-series/movies. He usually posts videos with negative/sarcastic titles, so I was intrigued when he actually released a “positive” one. (I especially love watching Alex diss on Riverdale, lol)

Through the video, I discovered its connection to the TVD universe, it made me more curious about it. I am not a fan of The Vampire Diaries, hell, I never even got a chance to finish the franchise around the time I discovered Legacies. However, I am well-versed about everything that had happened in the series (if you have a bestie who is a fan the show, you can never escape the spoilers). I was more into The Originals, but yeah, I never got a chance to finish it too (I was still well-versed about everything, cuz of my bestie).

Legacies follows Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, who is descended from some of the most powerful vampire, werewolf, and witch bloodlines. Two years after the events of The Originals, 17-year-old Hope attends the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. The school provides a haven where supernatural beings can learn to control their abilities and impulses. (WIKI)

Legacies surprised me.

I didn’t expect I would love it as much as I do now.

The Premise of LEGACIES

I really enjoyed watching this show.

It reminded me of some typical supernatural high school anime series because of how self-aware and campy the series was, but at the same time, maintains the eeriness and mysterious aura of a TVD series.

As a fan of anything related to supernatural, I was hooked.

If you check out the main synopsis, you would think the series would just be like any high school drama series, but supernatural. I knew I did. That’s why I was shocked they went in a different direction. It surprised me to see them diving into the myths and lore of monsters that were deemed as “only exist on media like books and movies”.

The monsters they introduced almost every week were really interesting that it made me look forward to the next episodes. Like I said it made me feel like I am watching an anime, especially because they incorporate a lot of comedy in this series. And bruh, that is very unusual for a TVD show.

If you had seen TVD or TO, you would know how dark and gruesome these franchises could be. A lot of blood spilling all over, hookups, makeout sessions, and deaths, it’s crazy. But Legacies, they went on a different route. They made a FUN and LIGHTHEARTED show and I am loving every minute of it.

Still, this series is far from perfect. It might have an interesting premise but not everyone is pleased with it. And I, personally, have issues with it too. However, I will not be sharing them yet as I want to keep this positivity going. So I will be discussing instead the main driving force of the series.


The LEGACIES Characters

In every series, no matter how good the story or premise is, if the characters are really bad, it will never blossom.

Good thing Legacies has a unique set of characters and amazing actors/actresses behind them. They made this series really enjoyable and amazing.

All of the characters are very likable individually and had amazing chemistry with each other. And because of this chemistry, there’s tons, I mean TONS, of ships to follow. Not that shipping is important but this just shows how amazing their chemistry with each other, you can’t help but ship some characters together.

Okay, I won’t talk much about the ships as that topic needs its own post.

Back to the characters, I would credit the casts for their talent and performance as they brought the characters alive. Even though, personally, I have issues with the writing and flow of the story, the actors and actresses still did their best and made the series amazing. Their chemistry as a cast is profound it bleeds on screen.

Uuuggghhh, I just love them.

Still, I do have favorites within the ensemble. And if you guys had been following my social media then you guys have an idea who are my favs. Lol.

My favorites in the show are both Hope Mikaelson and Josie Saltzman, with Lizzie Saltzman cutting close to the top. I like all of the characters, don’t get me wrong, but I love this trio moreover others.

Since the series, The Originals, I adore Hope Mikaelson very much. Not only I saw her grew up, but she’s also pretty much a good mix of the best sides of all of the Mikaelson’s. Seeing her growth from TO to Legacies, it makes me proud of her.

Josie Saltzman, on the other hand, I came to love her after watching the series. She’s a precious baby I want to protect. All throughout the series, she suffered the most, mentally and emotionally. Like bruh, she transformed from being Baby Josie to Jaded Josie in a span of 2 seasons. She needs to be protected at all costs.

Lizzie Saltzman was a surprise for me. At the start of the series, she is far from my favorite list. I mean, I borderline dislike her because of how she treats people. But after watching more episodes, I come to see and appreciate her more. Just like her twin, she is a precious baby that needs protection too. She’s also very full of herself and always have snarky comments that are very hilarious. She definitely contributed a lot to making the series really funny and lighthearted.

Now that I laid all of those good vibes, I guess its time for me to share my issues.


My Issues with LEGACIES

I’m just going to share this out there that my issues are my opinions, no butthurt. I just want Legacies to be better. That’s all.

Now, my issues.

Let me start from the most obvious ones then to the nitpicks, shall we.

First issue, the writing.

I respect the writers and creators of the show, even the production team behind it. After all, they made this series possible. They created amazing characters and were able to come up with interesting plot points to keep the series very entertaining and fun to watch. However, this doesn’t excuse the fact that there’s still lapses in the writing department.

When I first watch this show, I just went along to whatever the show throws at me, and believe me when I say that Season 1 was really solid. You know that the writing team had a vision, a goal and they were able to reached it. Yeah, there were some little lines and writing mishaps that I am not a fan of but not to big to be an issue. Not perfect, but solid. I mean, bruh, the ending of Season 1 was one of the best I had seen in a while and that speaks volumes.

Then Season 2 came, and it went downhill.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Season 2, I love it, I just don’t like how inconsistent the writing of it. I wasn’t able to pinpoint at first what was really wrong as I only find it weird how the pacing seemed off. But after rewatching the show a couple of times (don’t even ask me how many), it became more evident as to how rushed and badly done the episodes were. I really want to share more about it but its on spoiler category so nope.

It’s clear from how they edit the episodes that they are aiming for something.

However, I got a chance to see a video where the creator of the show expressing how everything they went on the show, from the writing to the editing to the cinematography, has a reason behind it. That they have a purpose and it will all make sense in the end.

This made me step back for a minute and analyze everything without my bias glasses. Maybe, just maybe, everything is planned its just that it was badly executed. The plot ideas the writers come up with are amazing, but because they added them casually in the story, it made Season 2 messier compared to Season 1. If only they stretched some of those plots a bit, maybe give a bit more time, then it would be more acceptable to me.

And connected to the previous issue, I have an issue about the lack of mental health awareness.

I usually don’t push this in a show, but bruh, majority of the characters on the show have mental health issues and they need to be addressed or atleast show us, the viewers, how they are coping.

I mean yeah, we know that Hope went through stuff in The Originals, and she’s clearly still affected by it, but bruh, she also went through new traumatic stuff, why can’t we see her struggle for a bit. Or the other characters, uuugggghhhh some of them were buried alive, got shot, had some mental breakdown, and yet…..no coping. Most of the time they just let the viewers assume that they got better in the next episode.

Uh no, the characters, they maybe supernaturals, but they are also humans too. Trauma affects them like us. I just want them to atleast feel the effects of what they’ve experienced and grow.

I do admit that there were some attempts from the writers to address the mental health issues of the characters, but like I said in my first issue, they kind of brush on it and move on to another story plot.

All I want is time, a breather for the characters to feel the weight of their actions, to feel the after effects of their trauma.


The last issue I have is more of a nitpick on my part. It’s the multiple ships.

Personally, I have no problem with this as I am a shipper through and through. But, when the show itself presents a lot of ships to the viewers, it gets out of hand. Yes, I mentioned above how the characters have amazing chemistry with each other which results to a lot of ships, this has a negative effect though.

The main character, Hope, has 7 ships. For Josie, she has 5. Then Lizzie has 3. THAT MANY. That’s a bit too much. And these are all romantic ships. Yeah, maybe some of them are now dormant, but the fact that they are still a ship, they could still emerge like a freakin’ submarine later on the series.

Sigh, the series has only 2 seasons and yet the trio had a lot of ships already. And if the CW plans on extending this series more and more…then more and more ships will emerge.

I don’t want the series to revolve around romance, like I want the characters to grow individually, with the occasional romance. Having too many hinders with that concept.

But yeah, this is a CW show, focusing on young adults in a supernatural world, so I guess, it’s understandable.


Legacies is a CW show, through and through. It aims to please a demographic and its old fans from its predecessors.

Even with its flaws and issues, Legacies is a show you can enjoy and be entertained. And yeah, no matter what, I just love the show.

Will this be part of my all time favorite tv show list in the future? Maybe, it all depends now on how the writers would execute S3. I try not to have huge expectations with it, but with the pandemic and the long break, its kinda hard not to.

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