Warrior Nun, Netflix TV Series Review

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Who knew this day would come when I appreciate seeing nuns being badass. Yep, I am now a fan of Warrior Nun.

Warrior Nun revolves around the story of a 19-year-old woman who wakes up in a morgue with a new lease on life and a divine artifact embedded in her back. She discovers she is now part of the ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword that has been tasked with fighting demons on Earth, and powerful forces representing both heaven and hell want to find and control her. (WIKI)

Warrior Nun came as a surprise to me.

When this series first was released on Netflix, I didn’t mind it. I wasn’t that interested with its premise and I wasn’t in the mood to watch anything action.

But twitter was relentless in convincing me, so I gave in.

And now, I love it.

It’s not perfect, I mean, its far from it, but there is something about it that makes me love it. In some ways, it’s similar to me liking Legacies, if that makes sense.

If you check the synopsis above, you would know that this series would be like any “the chosen one” kind of cliche, and it was, but more. Rather than adding a different twist to the cliche, they embraced it and explored it. Too much, actually…which resulted to a long first arc, and rushed 2nd arc.

Let me elaborate.

warrior nun

In the first arc, it’s all about Ava, the main character, accepting that there is a halo in her back and how she’s like an important person now, aka the Warrior Nun. While going through this idea, she’s also discovering the world like a baby because she was deprived for a long time, being disabled and all. It’s also in this arc where the nuns were slowly introduced, and we also got to know more of the OCS organization.

This arc was a bit of a drag to watch, there were a lot of scenes I consider unnecessary. I specifically don’t like watching Ava’s moments along with JC and his gang. I get it, I understand the purpose of their scenes, those were needed to show more of Ava’s initial taste of freedom, but they just bore me.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get how they want to flesh Ava out while also diving slowly into the plot, but bruh, for a 10-episode series, devoting 7 episodes to first arc is a bit…too much. If they proceeded with this amount, they should at least gave the same treatment on the 2nd arc. Maybe add 2 more episodes to the first season to let 2nd arc be more stable and fleshed out, but they didn’t.

Hence, the pacing issues.

Speaking of the 2nd arc, this was the saving grace of the whole season. It’s in this stage of the story where we got to know more about other lead character nuns and see the main plot progress on the right direction. And damn, it’s so intriguing. We got to know more about Ava’s powers and what she could do, while also getting more information about Adriel and the halo origins.

I do admit, the fast pace of the 2nd arc made me focus more on the story as it’s reaching it’s climax, but I think the arc also needed more time and episodes to see Ava’s training arc and more bonding time between the main gang. I mean, one of the things Beatrice taught Ava is to trust her team, but as a viewer, how can I believe Bea’s words if I personally did not see the group blend and interact more as a cohesive team.

Now, for the characters, easily, Beatrice is my favorite character. I think everyone could agree how badass she was all throughout the show. She wasn’t fully fleshed out fully in this first season, but we at least got a glimpse of who Beatrice is. And like what Ava’s words, whatever Bea is, she’s beautiful and she shouldn’t be a shame of it.

Both Ava and Mary are my 2nd favs of the show. It was initially only Mary in 2nd place, because of how badass she was in the 1st arc, but after seeing Ava grow all throughout the season, I can’t help but adore her. She’s annoying, especially in the first arc, but she was able to redeemed herself in the 2nd arc and she became badass in her own way.

I don’t I could proceed without me mentioning the “ship”.

Yes, like Legacies, one of the main drive of me liking this series very much would be the ship, Avatrice.

Avatrice is so precious. I dunno if the creators of this series would pursue this ship or were just queer baiting us, viewers, but bruh, there’s definitely something between them, especially after episode 8.

Initially, in the first arc, the ship was already sailing, though subtle. Their interactions were cute and soft. It was only Bea who wasn’t harsh or didn’t judge Ava immediately in the OCS. Though it wasn’t fully shown, I think Bea tried to help Ava get used to living in the convent. This made Ava feel safe around Bea, hence, a solid foundation of their relationship. In the 2nd arc, it’s in here we got to see Bea, again, helping Ava, now, with her powers It’s through here were see the ship slowly becoming more recognizable. I really don’t want to spoil anymore, so just know that I personally think their relationship is not platonic.

Me and my shipping. Sigh.

avatrice warrior nun

Visually, this series was beautiful. I love how the scenes were shot, showing off how beautiful the places in Europe, specifically, in Italy. It actually made me want to go visit there in the future. The demons were CGI. They are not great, but they are also not that bad either.

For the fighting scenes, I love how brutal and real-looking the stunts were. It made my watching experience a lot more exciting as it made me cheer more on the characters and be amazed on how badass they were.

Now, I don’t think I could end this post without me talking about the ending.


That was really, bad.

Well, not in a bad way. It was like…a WTF ending.

There was twist, and that twist shocked me to the core. It pretty much made me, along side with the lead characters, feel dumbfounded. At the same time, I find the twist quite brilliant as I didn’t see it coming. I mean, maybe now, if I rewatch the show I could say that there were clues everywhere, but bruh, I wasn’t paying attention. LOL.

And that end. Why did the show just end like that? That’s not an ending. It feels like a “to be continued” kind rather than a “this is the end of the season” kind.

Sigh, good thing this series got green lighted for season 2, cuz…I dunno what would I do if it did not.

Overall, I really really liked this series. Yes, there were a lot of bumps, especially the first arc, but the 2nd arc redeemed the show. It would be cool if the creators of the show would learn their lesson from this season and better pace the next season.

And lastly, I am hoping for Avatrice endgame, then I will be fully satisfied.

Hi, Sirius here. I was supposed to post this last week, but yeah, my mood changed which caused me to delay this and my other postings. At least I still get to post this. Heh.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this one.

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