My Top Favorite Western TV Series

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I was planning on making a post on my current favorite tv show when I remembered that I haven’t even shared with you guys my top western tv series favorites.

I think it’s relevant for you guys to know my favorites to understand, in some ways, my taste.

This list consists of TV series from different genres, as I tend to watch different kinds of shows, just like animes.

Without further ado, here’s my top 10 favorite Western TV Series. (In no particular order).

First on the list, would be my very very top favorite series, like ever. When I first discovered this series, I was just enjoying watching shows casually. Like if I see a random episode of a show,…okay…pretty much no strings attached.

But this series made me invest so many emotions, time, and brain cells, it actually changed my tv series watching ways.

And this series was The Mentalist.

The Mentalist

In hindsight, The Mentalist looks like any other serial crime drama with a twist, and yep, it is and I am not afraid to admit that. I guess, what made me love the series was its incorporation of the “art of body language” and psychology in solving the crimes. I mean, bruh, I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology because I was that interested with this science. So seeing a show displaying tricks and ways in using the science in solving crimes, bruh, I WAS HOOKED.


Believe me, though, this series is not perfect.

I am not a fan of the last season. I felt it was rushed and an outlier to the whole franchise, but I still appreciate it as it gave me more episodes to watch. I am also not much of a fan of Jane’s work outfit. Yes, I do like how he’s always in a suit and looking so haggard, I just wish he had more clothes to use all throughout the whole series as he looks like someone who doesn’t take a bath or something. Lol.

When I said this series changed my tv series watching ways, I meant the binging ways. I used to watch the shows on tv and wait weekly or not caring WTF episode I was already. But after seeing an episode or 2 on tv of The Mentalist, I was really intrigued by how Jane solves the cases. I was able to find some (illegal) ways to get all of the seasons and binge the hell out of them. 

So yeah. In other words, its the fault of The Mentalist, I developed my binging ways of watching tv series.


As we are on the topic of Psychology, let’s proceed to another serial crime drama that is Psychology-focused. If the series, The Mentalist, made me pursue my degree, it’s this 2nd series that solidified my love for the science.

That series would be Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds

As you can see, I am a crime drama junkie, it’s just my jam. Lol. I dunno why. I just love watching them and I never get bored watching them.

Criminal Minds was the series that opened my eyes to reality if mental health goes on a bad route. I love how the BAU handles their cases, how they carefully explain the psychology disorder and how the suspect’s mind works. It was so fascinating to me.

Coincidentally, I got hooked into the series around the time I was studying Abnormal Psychology, while also rereading some Theories of Personalities books. Identifying the disorder or how the suspect’s mind works alongside the characters on the series became a habit I really enjoyed doing while watching the series. I analyze and hypothesize in my head along with them, and I find it really fun as it made my brain work hard. 

It also made me love my Bachelor’s degree more.


On a lighter note, another favorite of mine that I love very much was Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars


I know, what a weird choice. I totally get that.

Even me, I’m shocked that I actually adored this show, but I do.

Now for the why…

Well, it all happened when I was in my last year of med school. I was pretty much depressed with life. It was my last semester and I took only a few classes so I had a lot of time on my hands to be depressed. One day, I decided to go out of the apartment and I randomly went to a rental store. I saw the PLL series and I just decided to give it a shot.

And the next thing I know was I finished 3 seasons of the series. I was hooked. Damn. 

The story is not really amazing. The actors were really great in portraying their characters and their overall relationship with each other was nice to watch. But overall, it wasn’t an amazing series. PLL was just a series I didn’t expect I needed at that time and I am happy I was able to discover it. Not only it distracted me from my own depressing thoughts, but it also made me focus on something other than my failures in life. I mean, I was actually creating a lot of theories as to who really was A or who’s part of the A team.

Yeah, bruh, I was in too deep to the series. Lol.

I guess that’s the reason why I loved it very much.

Next on the list is another young adult series, but leaning more on the supernatural. That series would be The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle

After discovering PLL & The Mentalist, I couldn’t stop binging tv series. One day, I stumbled on a CW series that had 1 season and that was The Secret Circle.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about the series as it was on the same league as the TVD (and I was not a fan of it….before). But after seeing the pilot episode, I was hooked by its supernatural lore. 

The story was really interesting and it gets better every episode. Again, I was hooked. From its story to the characters, I just loved it.

However, as I said above, the series only had 1 season and it sucks…so much.

I was so invested with their lore and universe, the ending of the series left me on a bad note. Which resulted in me venturing the world of fanfics.

Reading the fanfics and seeing how the writers were able to expand the existing story and lore was really fascinating to me. It made me love the characters and the series more and more.

Even now, I am still bitter with how the series ended, but after reading the source materials (the book series) and some amazing fanfics, I guess I am now contented with everything.

Still, it would have been nice if it was completed.

Speaking of complete series, this last favorite series I am going to share with you guys has a special place in my heart for being an awesome solid series from beginning to end.

And that series was Person of Interest.

Person if Interest

PoI was a tv series I didn’t expect I would love very much as its very serious and action pack. It doesn’t have any psych related stuff for me to relate to or any dumb teen to rant about. Person of Interest was a science fiction crime drama that hooked me from start to finish because of how interesting and intriguing its concept was.

Other than the story, the characters were amazing too. Each one of them was unique and very likable. There’s also that clever dialogues, especially the sarcastic jokes during the dire moments of the show. Uuugghhhh…so good.

You guys should check this one out, cuz its really really good.

Now that you know my top favorite shows, I guess I can now freely spazz my ass off to all of the shows I had been watching recently. Lol.

I was also planning on adding some “honorable mentions” to this list but I scrapped the idea as most of them are just unsure choices or shows that needs more “uuummmppphhh” like the ones above.

I know my fav list above is weird, believe me, I know. But…my heart knows what it wants. Each show I mentioned above had a significant impact on my life, so in some ways that make them more memorable and loved by me.

Oh man, this post is too long for my liking. I will end it here.

I will try to post something related to music next, Dunno when it will be posted, but it will be posted. Lol.

If you know any of the shows I mentioned above, feel free to express your thoughts about them. I would love to have a discussion in the comment section below….if it even works. Lol.

Anyway, this has been Will Sirius, and thanks for reading!!


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