How to Get Away with Murder Review, I dropped it

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TV-14 | 43min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | TV Series (2014– )

Creator: Peter Nowalk
Stars: Viola Davis, Jack Falahee, Karla Souza, etc.

A sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor. They become entangled in a murder plot that will shake the entire university and change the course of their lives. (IMDB)


My Thoughts:

When this series first aired, everyone was really hyped. There wasn’t any post in my facebook newsfeed talking about how god this series premiere was. The hype was almost the same when peepz where watching The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. But I was not swayed. I didn’t watched the series. Hell, I don’t have time to watch it. I was busy with my college stuff and my other ‘hobbies’.

Few months ago after graduating, I was able to have time to waste. So I watched How to get away with murder, and damn, I was definitely intrigued. The first episode amazed me. I can’t stop pressing the next button every time an episode ends. The smooth transition of the scenes, the splendid acting of the actors and the premise itself, it was one hell of a combination.

But, there was something in the series that made me start to dislike the series. It was the fact that almost everyone is getting laid with each other. Lel. And compared to other series, this series definitely emphasize those explicit scenes in a different level. To be honest, I really don’t have problem with characters having sex with each other. But seeing it almost every episode? Nope, that’s where I won’t cross the line.

I tried researching a bit, maybe my dislike would be corrected by some reason. And I actually did find one. The production company, Shondaland, produced the series. Ah, no wonder. With their track record, of course, now I understand. Sigh.

Even though I really like the diversity in the casts and how their relationships bloom, seeing them f***ing different characters was a definite turn off. I do know this act is quite common in American tv series, but this series is pretty much going to a different level. I do admit, I haven’t seen much of the other Shondaland series (Grey’s anatomy, Scandal, and the newly canceled Still Star-crossed), but I have seen enough to know how they shoot and show the explicit scenes.

I just finish watching Season 3, and I don’t think I can still continue. Well, my favorite character is dead so what’s the point in watching? Also, the story line, for me, is kinda stretch out already. Most of the characters continue to make stupid decisions even after what happen to them in the previous seasons. I do appreciate their growth in character, but like I said, its not helping in their poor judgment. Sometimes, I even thought that the team behind the show are making the characters do crazy stuff so that the series would continue until they feel its necessary to end it.

It’s such a waste.

Oh yeah, before I end this. I also wanted to share that this show actually made me decide that I will not proceed law. My folks had been urging me to proceed to law, because (their words) I’m good in arguing, I love to read, & I’m smart (like I said, their words, not mine). I admit, I feel good being complimented, but becoming a lawyer is something I will never do. Why? Well, I feel that they are really dirty and shady. I know that most of the stuff shown in the series and other series about law are most exaggerated or just to spice up the plot, I still feel there is some truth about it.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts about the show and my review. Just comment down below.

That is all.

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