Doctor X3 TV Series Review

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Anyway, as for my comeback in the Asian drama review world, I’m here to share my thoughts about the 3rd installment of one of my favorite medical drama, Doctor X.

Freelancer surgeon Michiko (Ryoko Yonekura) visits an island. Due to an accident by a luxury liner, some of its passengers are injured. Among the injured passengers, Michiko finds Ryonosuke (Shiro Ito). Ryonosuke is an ex-hospital director with whom Michiko has worked for in the past. Michiko treats Ryonosuke’s wound.

Later, Ryonosuke is hospitalized at the National Center for Advanced Medical Care. He has suffered from a cardiac tumor and hepatocellular carcinoma. At the conference for Ryonosuke’s upcoming surgery, two factions of the National Center for Advanced Medical Care have an intense argument over his surgery. Michiko suddenly appears at the warlike conference and tells them that Ryonosuke is her patient.

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Doctor X delivers another amazing season.

Usually, shows would lose its steam after few seasons. But this series, seems to get better and better and I love it.

For this newest season, Daimon Michiko was hired to another private and prestigious hospital, run by people who seemed to lose their purpose as Doctors. As always, Daimon Michiko continues to dominate and make a mark not only to the lives of the patients but also to the doctors.

Out of all the seasons of this series, this is far my favorite. The struggles Daimon faced all through out this 3rd season pretty much outdo the previous seasons. The stakes were really high on this one. Most of the problems the cast faced felt unsolvable and yet they pushed through. Not only were the cases were a lot more complicated now, and also the characters were a huge mix of old and new. It was a series full of diverse personalities. To be honest, I didn’t expect to see alot of old and familiar faces again, but they sure added alot of fun to the story and the cast.

Speaking of cases, I find them really unique. I’m not sure if everything that is shown in this series were really real and doable, but they sure hella convinced me. From the way they structured the cases, it’s clear that the writers definitely researched a lot. Because of this “realistic” portrayal, it made the series a lot more edgier and entertaining.

I just love it.

Overall, Doctor X continues to amaze me. I really thought I would get bored or this would suck as it’s already in its 3rd season, but they released the best season yet.

Can’t wait to watch the next season!

Though, I dunno when I’ll watch it. Lol. Too busy with life and animes. Hah!

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