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Warrior Nun, Netflix TV Series Review

Who knew this day would come when I appreciate seeing nuns being badass. Yep, I am now a fan of Warrior Nun.
why i love legacies

Why I love Legacies

Okay, ever since I came back from my break, I already teased about me making a post about my adoration to the CW show,...

My Top Favorite Western TV Series

I was planning on making a post on my current favorite tv show when I remembered that I haven't even shared with...
blog birthday anniversary

Birthday Special Blog Update!! – Time for Change

Yo! Sirius here! I know its been awhile since my last blog post but yeah, I had been busy with life. Last weekend was my Birthday...

I just finished watching Elementary

It's been awhile since I made tv series entries. With this worldwide pandemic, this made me watch shows I had put aside for awhile....
Zero - Ikkaken Senkin Game

Zero – Ikkaku Senkin Game Drama Review

I don't know if you guys know this already, but I am the type of drama watcher that I would only watch a series...
Rupaul's Drag Race

HELP! I am addicted to RuPaul’s Drag Race

Sigh... I don't know what's gotten into me, but yeah, just like what I said in the title, I am currently addicted to RuPaul's Drag...

I love Umbrella Academy

With the news about its second season, I found the time to watch Umbrella Academy...and I REALLY LOVE IT. I had always wanted to watch this series ever since its debut on Netflix, but I never got a chance until I personally got a subscription to the platform (Yep, I didn't watch this series illegally, I'm a good good gurl).

Shows I watched during my break from blogging

After my Halloween project few weeks ago, I watched some shows during my break from blogging. What did I do? Well, I went to binging...random shows....

I really enjoyed watching Shadowhunters | Halloween Special

Yo!! Sirius here. Welcome to my first ever Halloween Special. Like what I said on my announcement last week, I will be posting entries...