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Happy New Year 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes Yo! Sirius here! HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone. It is now in 2021!! Yay!! 2020 had been a crazy year, not only for me personally but pretty much for everyone all over the world. It was that bad. Even my blogging […]

why i love legacies

Reading Time: 8 minutes Okay, ever since I came back from my break, I already teased about me making a post about my adoration to the CW show, LEGACIES. LEGACIES was the 3rd series under The Vampire Diaries Universe. It sets 2 years after […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the news about its second season, I found the time to watch Umbrella Academy…and I REALLY LOVE IT.

I had always wanted to watch this series ever since its debut on Netflix, but I never got a chance until I personally got a subscription to the platform (Yep, I didn’t watch this series illegally, I’m a good good gurl).