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I just finished watching Elementary

It's been awhile since I made tv series entries. With this worldwide pandemic, this made me watch shows I had put aside for awhile....
Himouto Umaru-chan R Anime

Himouto! Umaru-chan R Anime Review

Yo!! Sirius here!! I am back from my small break. I will be discussing my thoughts on an anime I recently finished on Netflix, Himouto!...
Overlord III

Overlord III Anime Review

As I had finished watching both the season 1 and 2 of Overlord a long time ago, it's only a matter of...

The World Only God Knows I & II Anime Review

I had expressed my interest in watching this romance harem anime from the 2010's. I dunno if you guys know, but The World Only...
Inu x Boku SS anime

Inu x Boku SS Anime Review

Few months ago, one of my favorite Anituber released a video about Inu x Boku SS. He talked about how much he enjoyed watching...
canon busters ona anime

Canon Busters ONA Anime Review – I dropped it

Okay, I was planning on making a "positive" post today as it has been quite stressful and full of hustle these past 2 days...
the rise of the shield hero

The Rise of the Shield Hero Anime Review

One of the series I looked forward to being adapted was The Rise of the Shield Hero after stumbling onto it years ago. I got...

Servamp Movie – Alice in the Garden Anime Review

Yo! Sirius here. I usually don't really check out the movies and other extra videos of shows I already considered not worth it. However, there...
Kamisu Reina is here

Kamisu Reina Is Here, a Japanese Novel Review

Yo!! Sirius here!! Welcome to my first ever Japanese novel review. Heh. The novel is called Kamisu Reina is Here. Unlike my previous book reviews, I will be...
wake up girls

Wake Up Girls is still a good Idol Anime

I recently got a chance to watch Wake Up Girls' movies 2 & 3. Both movies are the sequels to the main anime series,...