Uma Musume episode 1-2

S.A.W. Winter 2021: Uma Musume S2 Episode 1-2

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I had expressed a lot of interest in the new animes this season, but what made this new winter season special would be the number of amazing animes coming back. Yes, everyone, the sequels.

I usually don’t give a damn about the sequels and just wait to binge-watch them in the end, but the anime sequels releasing this season happening to be my liking. One of them, believe it or not, was Uma Musume.

I really enjoyed watching the first season of the horse-girl anime, Uma Musume. I don’t know what is with this series, I just like it.

The question now, though, is did it live up to the first season?

It’s too soon to tell. I mean, I only got to watch the first 2 episodes and so far, they are enjoyable.

I was a bit taken aback when learning that my fav, Special Week is not the protagonist of this season, but Teiou instead. Don’t get me wrong, I like Teiou but I was really looking forward to more Special Week and Suzuka this season.

What’s done is done.

I guess I have no choice.

Like I said above, it was still enjoyable.

The gang is still complete (Suzuka is in the US) and are still funny in their own way. I also think there are new characters being introduced. It’s good that this show continues to add label names whenever characters are on screen, as it is kinda hard to distinguish them. Yeah, they might look different from each other, but memorizing that a lot of characters is not really good.

Now for the plot.

I am quite happy I watched 2 episodes instead of 1. In episode one, we got to see how Teiou was inspired to become a horse girl. We then see her journey, her struggles, and her inspiration to win in the Derby. However, everything went downhill when at the end of the episode we see her noticing something wrong with her leg.

Turns out, she really had a problem, her effin’ leg is broken. WTF! I know she noticed something wrong, but her not knowing she had a broken leg, okay anime, too unrealistic. LOL.

All throughout episode 2, we got to see Teiou motivated to still compete even though it’s clearly impossible. However, as the episode goes on, her motivation diminishes as the reality sinks into her that her healing is not as fast as she had wanted. Not only that, all of the people around her continue to motivate her and help her, but as time goes on, their encouragement tends to become superficial and burdensome, but she was still thankful to them for their support.

I really like these 2 episodes as we got to see a bit realistic outlook of a really good athlete slowly succumbing to her injury. Getting an injury is painful, especially when you are at the top and was about to reach your goal. It sucks, so bad.

I was really waiting for Teiou to breakdown and release all of it, which she did in the end.

Even though it was a bit unrealistic (it was too soon), but Teiou then got motivated to not give up on her dream and try again.

Yeah, her record that year is such a waste, but she can always try again next year, this time, her health will be top-notch and she will be unstoppable.

I definitely can’t wait to see her growth.

For the animation, in fairness, it’s actually a lot better than the first season. Which is weird. Lol.

I mean, the character designs are still the same but the animation? Bruh, it was less 3D and more on 2D which shocked me.

It was a nice change and I can’t wait to see more of this anime.

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