Otherside Panic episode 3

S.A.W. Winter 2021: Otherside Panic Episode 3

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Out of all the new animes this season, Otherside Panic is one that I look forward to, a lot. Now that episode 3 is here, it’s time to give my thoughts about it.

It’s a bit of a downer compared to the previous 2 episodes.

I dunno if its because episode 2’s build-up was quite good, episode 3 felt like a filler and didn’t serve much fun as the previous episodes.

I still enjoyed it, believe me, but not as much as I the previous 2 episodes.

Anyway, let’s break it down, shall we?

The episode starts with Sorao still can’t believe around the fact that she goes to the Otherside with Toriko and almost nearly dies. She seemed can’t get her head around the fact that Toriko is expressing that these adventures they have will go on for a long time. What they are doing is really dangerous and their reasons for doing these are far from each other.

Toriko is set to find her friend with the help of Sorao, while the latter doesn’t see any importance of her existence and just go along with the blondie. However, it seems Sorao is slowly growing fond feelings for the blondie and it’s clearly getting in the way of how she treats her. It’s even evident in the previous episode that she was jealous of Toriko’s friend, especially when the blondie can’t seem to stop praising her absentee friend.

As the two explore the Otherside once again, they stumbled on a weird abandoned village. It was really creepy from the looks of it and it clearly screams danger. Interestingly, they found remnants of possible people who lived there and they looked similar to humans. This made the duo remember what the old guy said in the last episode about supernatural beings that pose, look, and acts like humans.

Out of nowhere, the duo was separated. I dunno what really happened and the anime had no explanation for it. They did see each other in the end and were hiding against whatever supernatural being out there. It was around this time when we could clearly see Sorao being flustered by Toriko’s presence. The blonde had always been quite a beauty since the first episode, but it was at this moment when we could definitely say that Sorao has feelings for Toriko.

Sorao, of course, gay panicked in the most classic way, which caused them to be exposed to the monster that even they couldn’t identify.

The monster in this episode looks weird and is really creepy. It would be cool if we get to know more about it in the next episode.

The episode ended with the duo being able to escape against the monsters through a portal Sorao saw in a small shrine. Toriko tries to express her gratitude to Sorao in her fashion, which fails miserably.

I’m not yet convinced that Toriko feels the same way as Sorao, but she does trust the latter very much.

Overall, this episode is an okay one. It wasn’t thrilling or anything exciting, but it did give us more insight into the relationship of the duo. So at least this episode served a purpose other than being a filler.

I do hope the next episode to be more exciting, or at least go deeper more about the monsters they faced in this episode cuz it’s quite promising.

Can’t wait!

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