Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 8-10

S.A.W. Winter 2021: Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 8-10

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Yo!!! Sirius here.

It’s almost the end of the Winter season. To catch up, I binged watch the episode 8 to 10 of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? And damn, that was a ride.

This anime surprised me a lot. I didn’t expect it would turn out to be like that.

Episode 8 starts off with a flashback to the past. Like I said before, I am not much of a fan of the humans in this anime, but seeing the past gave me more insight into what were the relationship dynamics of the characters. It was weird that some of the unknown characters were introduced. Maybe they are important in the future.

My take away from the flashback would be is that the humans are acting like what highschool students act and our main protagonist was definitely bullied. Damn. Schlain, or Shun, was kind to Kumoko, at least. As a person who also experienced bullying, I feel Kumoko’s pain.

After the flashbacks, we are back to the humans and them talking about the other reincarnates. I am lowkey agreeing with the majority about the best girl, Filimøs, and her knowledge about the other students. It’s clear that she’s hiding a lot of information and I dunno where did she get her info. It would be nice to know more about the whereabouts of the others. She did share a bit, but she also lied.

Very interesting.

After spending some time with the humans, we proceed to Kumoko’s new fight. This time, her enemy is a big ass dragon. Damn.

The fight was quite intense. Even though I know that Kumoko will survive in the end, it is the “how” that makes me look forward to her fights. In this one, she had a lot of upgraded skills so she was able to maneuver better and think out of the box in how to kill her enemy. It was really entertaining to watch. I especially love how she interacts with her other-selves. In normal circumstances, she looks like a fool talking to herself, but during fights, damn, it’s very interesting and cool to see.

We proceed to episode 9.

It starts off with Schlain and Feirune meeting Julius after a long time. It was sweet but it’s also a bit cringy. Lol. However, I did like the subtle clues that were left in their talk. It sparked my curiosity. I mean, the egg looked familiar. And also, Julius is clearly going to die soon. Lol.

The next scene was the continuation of Kumoko’s fight against the dragon. Again, I enjoyed watching this cuz Kumoko’s mind and tactics are amazing and she’s improving. She was able to kill it. Yay. But what was interesting was when a demon lord got triggered. I guess he felt the dragon dying so he went and check who tf killed his friend. His interaction with Kumoko was really funny.

“I can’t speak Isekaigo!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Whoever came up with this line is a genius.

The conversation was supposed to be serious but it turned funny cuz they don’t understand each other. Out of nowhere, a smartphone fell. That was so random but it turned out to be Admin D. Whoever this D was, she seemed to be the God of this world. Not only she speaks the Isekaigo, but she also is fluent in Japanese. Damn.

As predicted, because she is amused by Kumoko, she’s been manipulating the skills our spidey’s receiving. I dunno what is D’s motives are but she’s very sus.

In the next scene, we are now in the demon castle of some sort. The demon lords are discussing going to war against the humans. Everything was going so well, until I noticed something very interesting.

This she-Devil is Kumoko.

What the actually F***.

Now it clicks to me. The clues Julius and his sidekick were dropping, it made sense now. It has been 15 years.

Yes, everyone. When Kumoko was born as a spidey, the other reincarnates were also “born” into the world. So, if we follow that formula, Kumoko turned badass and now is the she-Devil of the demon lords, while the humans are…well boring kids at school.

I guess the reason why the best girl, Filimøs, lied to the other reincarnated humans was because she knows that Kumoko is now the she-Devil. Their enemy.


The episode then ended with Schlain receiving the “Warrior” status. It meant that his awesome brother is dead.

RIP Julius, the cliche hero.

This caused Schlain to go ballistic during classes. I feel sorry for him, but it is to be expected.

Now, we move on to episode 10.

The episode starts off with Kumoko talking to herself. I had fun just listening to them. her other-selves seem to have different personalities while at the same time, similar to each other. It’s funny.

Then we are back to the humans, Schlain talked to his Dad and brothers, informing them about the Warrior status and mourn together. It was weird that Schlain had other brothers and yet the Warrior status chose him immediately over the others. I feel like D has something to do with this. Is D planning to see the reincarnates fight each other? Hhhmmmm…

We randomly went to the next scene, focusing on a random old guy. Turns out he’s the so-called “great magician” of the humans. He randomly reminisces about the past, about him meeting a powerful entity. Based on the flashback, he met Kumoko in a terrifying form. The majority of his companions died that day, except him and another soldier. Even though he is the “great magician”, he immediately knows he’s no match to Kumoko.


Kumoko is too overpowered. Who knew.


Like I said at the beginning, watching these episodes was a ride. Damn, in a span of 3 episodes, we got a lot of information and I am not complaining at all.

This made me excited more about the future of this anime. I can’t wait to watch it!!!

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