Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 7

S.A.W. Winter 2021: Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 7

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It’s time for my thoughts for the 7th episode of the spidey anime, Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? or in English, So I’m a Spider, So What?

The previous episode was a delight to watch. Other than seeing the awesome Kumoko evolving and getting stronger, we also got a chance (at last) to see the cliche hero protagonist Schlain keeps on hyping about, Julius. We were able to see him in action, alongside his party.

It was a fun episode.

Now for this new one, it was…a rollercoaster ride.

The episode started with the typical Kumoko dialogues and discourse about her and her skills. Usually, as much as I love Kumoko, I tend to zone out while listening to her ramblings about her skills. However, in this episode, I was quite interested in the skills she obtains. Also, her talking to her inner self is a bit funny. Being a spider in the cave, all alone must be really lonely. Now that she has someone to talk to, even it’s just her other inner self, is both nice and weird. Especially with the way they address each other’s existence, hahahahaha.

As she continues to talk about her skills, I did notice something weird about it. I am not quite family with the power dynamics of their world, but for a spider, she seemed to be getting a bit too many skills. Is it because she’s a reincarnate? Or it’s just the way of the world?

Who knows.

Next, the story moved onto the humans, as we get to see the elf again, after some time. In the past episodes, I never really mind much about Filimos, but she wasn’t present much, which made me lowkey miss her. Now that she is in this episode, interestingly, the human-side of this series became a bit more vibrant than before. I guess the mysterious aura of Filimos is really getting to me, and the way she seemed to be knowledgeable about a lot of this over the other reincarnated teens made her more endearing to me.

She might be my favorite human character, so far. Hahahahaha.

In compensation to the previous episodes, we are diving into more in the human-side of this anime. Not that I am complaining but most of the humans in this anime are either one-dimensional or very undeveloped. They are boring to watch.

Even the fight between Schlain and Hugo was meh. I didn’t feel any thrill watching them. It was a bit weird for me how Schlain was able to hold on a bit longer than I expected. It was shown that Hugo had a lot of skills and has leveled up a lot, but they chose to swordfight. Why? For dramatics, I guess. So that Hugo can do his villain monologue.

I mean, he did reveal stupidly his plan to Schlain. Lame.

And then my favorite human appeared and make an entrance. Not only she took away all of Hugo’s skills and leveled up status, but she also was badass the whole time.

It was kind of funny how in the whole episode, she keeps on repeating to everyone, especially the human reincarnates to not use skills as it is dangerous, and then we see on the other side of the spectrum, Kumoko, pretty much devouring and boasting all of the skills she got.

Watching 2 opposite moments side by side made the episode more hilarious than it should be.

However, everything went to drain, the moment Kumoko realized the thing I also realized at the beginning of the episode, she was conveniently been spoiled with skills.

Yep, I dunno why, but this series just turned into something different.

This reminded me a lot of Goblin Slayer, where the main character thinks there was some kind of beings controlling them from the moon, while in this one, it was Admin D.

Whoever this Admin D is, they are really creepy and I think they are also the reason why the class was attacked in the first place and was transported in this new world.

Damn, this series just became more interesting.

Also, in addition, there was a random hot woman who offered the devastated Hugo in his desire for revenge. I feel like she is a demon and with Hugo being a reincarnate, she will definitely take advantage of him.

Again, this anime is becoming more interesting.

I literally can’t wait to check out the next episode.

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