Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

S.A.W. Winter 2021: Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 6

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I recently finished watching the 6th episode of our resident spidey, Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? anime.

From what we saw in the previous episode, Kumoko evolved into something much stronger and was able to defeat strong monsters in the middle realm. We also got to see a bit of the humans, which I personally find boring.

Anyway, now for this 6th episode, it opens with another boring monologue of Schlain about how great his Aniki is. It was getting too much, even Feirune was getting sick of it. Then we got to see the awesome Julius in action. In fairness, he is a fine warrior. He is like that typical cliche hero protagonist in a fantasy anime.

After the opening sequence, we are back to Kumoko and her adventures in the middle realm. While traveling, she discussed her new skills and see which ones are useful. Some of the skills she mentioned were really interesting and ideal for her. And it was awesome that these skills were put to use in her next fight.

She was then attacked by a huge ass snake that can breathe fire. The fight was really fun to watch. Not only we got to see how Kumoko uses her new set of skills, but we also got to see more her prowess at fighting. She was getting better at it and surviving, it’s amazing to watch.

I find it funny how Kumoko has still enough balls and time to explain WTF she did to survive against the monster. The info dump wasn’t boring too, which is nice.

I think my favorite part in every fight of Kumoko would be the part when she’s on the brink of death and she is in a pinch. Her desperation to survive is amazing to watch. In this episode, when the monster suddenly restore its health while Kumoko was almost fully drained, that was intense. She was able to find a way to defeat it.

She is becoming awesome and her development is admirable.

She then evolved into something better than the last episode.

Out of all her skills, I really like the Investigation skill. She got to have vast knowledge now, which is cool. She also has more interesting skills and I hope we get to see more of it in the next episodes.

We are then back to the cliche hero, Julius, and his adventure in the middle realm. When his teammates mentioned that their target was a taratect, I was worried that Kumok was their target. But it wasn’t. It was a more evolved and bigger version of Kumoko. It also talks too which was weird lol. The taratects were quite powerful too and it almost defeated the hero’s party, but for some reason, the big boss taratect froze and was “scared” of something, which became the reason for its death. Even Julius noticed the change in the big boss taratect.

That moment was weird and I hope we get to know more about it in the future.

Before the episode ended, we see new characters that looks like demon lords of the anime. They seemed to be connected to what just happened in the cave, and I can’t wait to know more about them.

After the ending sequences, outro scenes were played. We are again back to the boring humans and we see Schlain preaching the word of how awesome his Nii-san is. Of course, people were fawning over him. Ew.

It was the last scene that was intriguing though. As we saw in the previous episodes, the prince, Hugo, became really jealous of Schlain. Now, as shown, it seemed his jealousy had turned to hate. He might cause a lot of problems in the future and I can’t wait to see him spice things up in the human side.

Overall, this episode was solid. I still enjoy watching the spidey moments over the humans, but Julius and his hero party scenes were quite nice too. We got to see more about the Nii-san Schlain keeps on hyping about.

We are now mid-way of the series and so far, it has been really good. Can’t wait to see more of this anime.

See ya in the next post!

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