Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 5

S.A.W. Winter 2021: Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 5

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I just finished watching the 5th episode of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?, or So I’m a Spider, So What? in English. And damn, another solid episode.

After the enjoyable 4th episode, I lowkey was expecting this new one to be a bit boring. In other words, I have low expectations to this.

In fairness, this new episode didn’t disappoint.

At the end of the previous episode, we got to see Kumoko reached the middle level of the cave. Turns out, the level is quite dangerous.

The place is surrounded by lava and stronger monsters. Kumoko, of course, panicked and retreated. She then decided to take her time and evolve, maybe she might gain new skills.

And she did.

Compared to before, I actually enjoyed listening to her rambles lately. I guess it’s because it’s more interesting now. She seemed to obtain some interesting but weird skills. Her reaction to it is funny. I think these new skills of hers will help her in the future. I mean, I feel like she is on her road to being a demon lord. Ooohohohoh that would be cool.

Out of nowhere, the episode switches up and now we are seeing the human side again. To be honest, I grew bored with the humans lately. I guess it’s because we spent quite a lot of time with Kumoko and her adventures in the cave that I find whatever the humans’ doing as boring. All I got from this episode is that Feirune recently got big after killing a strong monster, the other students see Slaine as a hero (even though it was Feirune who deserves the praise). Lastly, Hugo is salty af. I can’t blame him. He got a really good position to be reincarnated, only to be outranked by a fellow human who you think is weaker than you. That sucks on his part. Lol.

There was one piece of info that piqued my interest, which would be the background of Yurin. I am a bit confused right now if she’s also reincarnated, but she creeps me out, especially when she rants on and on about her religious beliefs. Not only that Feirune seemed affected too. I can’t wait to know more.

Good thing, the episode went back to Kumoko as I was getting a bit bored on the other side. She still haven’t moved on from her checking out her skills, until a huge ass dragon appeared. She retreated before it attacked her, but it resulted in her entering the middle realm, which was full of danger too. However, rather than being a wuss, she faced the strong monsters in the middle realm and she managed to defeat two.


Kumoko is so cool.


Even though at this time it’s a given that she will win, but it was still fun to watch her struggle to overcome her struggles. She’s really smart and resourceful with everything she has. Watching her fights are now one of the best things I look forward to in this anime.

I definitely can’t wait to watch the next episode.


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    Been meaning to give this series a shot, looks pretty fun to watch alongside slime


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