Kemono Jihen episode 7

S.A.W. Winter 2021: Kemono Jihen Episode 7

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I was able to catch up and watched Kemono Jihen’s Episode 7.

I didn’t plan on watching the latest episode, but it’s already here so why not.

From the previous episode, Shiki asked Inugami-san about his parents. Now in this episode, we saw the gang and Inugami-san went to the province where Shiki grew up to look for answers.

I knew from the start that this episode is going to be a bit heavy cuz of the premise, but it didn’t make me cry. The scenes were weirdly cut to prevent the viewers from developing any full-on emotions. I guess it’s an artistic decision? Or a calculative move?

We will see.

During their visit, they met Shiki’s uncle, who explained how Shiki’s parents died. The Uncle seemed sincere but he’s fishy. I mean, his overall aura is weird. Let’s not forget, Inugami-san’s reaction to Shiki leaving his Uncle was really suspicious.

Anyway, the gang bonded. They try to improve Shiki’s mood, which is failing, then the weird boy from the previous episode appeared. I really didn’t expect Nobimaru to make a cameo in this episode. Like before, he’s very mysterious but this time he has this antagonistic vibe around him, especially with the way he talks to Kabane. I find him really suspicious too for bringing the gang in a place where triggered Shiki. It’s quite clear that he knows more than he let on.

And he really was.

Damn, Nobimaru. I still don’t understand his motives, but I have a feeling he’s only following Inari’s orders while also doing his own stuff for his enjoyment.

Anyway, we then learn more about what really happened years ago, how Shiki’s parents died, and how his Uncle was the reason for all of this. And damn, everything is really f*cked up. I feel so sorry for Shiki, baby boy doesn’t deserve all of this pain. Not only he witnessed a horrible scene about his mother, but he was also betrayed by the person he trusts the most.

This definitely made me excited for the next episode, I mean, damn, what will Shiki do to his Uncle? If I were in Shiki’s shoes, I might’ve killed him, but I am not Shiki. lol

I am looking forward to the next episode.

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