Kemono Jihen episode 1-2

S.A.W. Winter 2021: Kemono Jihen Episode 1-2

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The 3rd anime that will be featured here in my newest anime feature is Kemono Jihen.

I was supposed to watch a different show but I came across Mother’s Basement video about Winter Season 2021 animes to watch and Kemono Jihen caught my eye.

So here we are.

My thoughts:

Wow, I didn’t expect this to be good.

I mean, I watched this without any prior knowledge of the plot, and damn, I was blown away by its story.

In the first episode, we were introduced to the main protagonist, a detective (??) for the supernatural stuff and a wide-eyed kid. I dunno why the detective is wearing a suit, I mean, it looks hot in the town, I guess he’s just weird. Anyway, we were then told about the problem in their town, the harsh mutilation of animals. That intrigued me, not gonna lie.

As the episode goes on, we got to know more about what’s going on in the town and also, the wide-eyed kid, Dorotabo. At first, I find his blank-faced expression a bit creepy, but I soon got used to it.

The detective befriended Dorotabo, expressing that the kid would help him solve the case, and indeed, he’s definitely provided quite a lot of help.

It turns out, Dorotabo is a special kid. Too special to a point that his Aunt wants him dead.


Both the detective and Dorotabo were able to find the culprit of the animal killings and killed it, for good.

At this point, it was already predictable that the detective will bring Dorotabo with him to Tokyo, but what struck me was the kid’s tragic backstory. It’s so sad. With him knowing now that his own Aunt wants him to be murdered, he was willing to be killed.

Bruh, it’s so sad.

At the end of the first episode, we then got to meet 2 new characters. They were also kids, maybe similar age as Dorotabo. They seemed to be supernatural too like the detective and Dorotabo.

And indeed they are.

In the 2nd episode, Dorotabo, or now called Kabane, starts his new life in Tokyo as someone who helps the detective solve the supernatural crimes. Here were got to know more about the 2 new characters that were introduced at the end of the first episode, Shiki and Akira.

Believe me when I say that I thought Akira was a girl, too. But he’s not.


Anyway, let’s proceed.

Shiki gives me this Bakugo vibes and acts like one to Kabane. However, he was taken aback by Kabane nonchalant blank expressions and reactions and unknowingly judge him. I don’t blame him though. Even though he’s only 14, Shiki is still a kid, with a lot of pride.

Akira, on the other hand, he’s uuuhhhh girly.

In this 2nd episode, the gang goes out and tries to solve a case. It was disgusting. Personally, I am not a big fan of bugs, especially if they are a lot. So this episode was slightly hard to watch.

During this case, we were able to see a bit of what Shiki and Akira could do, and definitely, they have interesting powers.

As predicted, Kabane was able to finish off the bugs and everything returned to normal.

It turned out that the supernatural being that haunted the family was fueled by guilt. A member of the family did something bad and had caused all of the ruckuses. I’ll be honest, I was definitely touched by the backstory of the family, but I was having more feelings for Kabane.

He saw the love and care of the family with each other and even though he had a blank expression, you can feel it, as a viewer, his despair and desire to have one, too.

Like what the detective said, Kabane is really strong, but it’s also sad.

Shiki turned a new leaf after learning a bit more about Kabane, and that’s nice. It just shows he could be mature too.

But what intrigued me was the call the detective had in the end.

He said some juicy things and I kind of made some speculations in my mind as to what it is, but for now, they’ll be in my head as I need to gather more information. Lol.

Overall, this anime is very promising.

Kemono Jihen was never part of my list to watch this season, but after seeing the reactions on Twitter and the recommendation from Mother’s Basement, I can’t slip this one.

After that end in the 2nd episode, I am definitely looking forward to the next episode.

Kemono Jihen episode 1-2

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