Seasonal Anime Watching

New Feature: Seasonal Anime Watching

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Yo! Sirius here.

Every year, I always try to watch seasonal animes because I am very interested in them. However, if you guys notice, I tend to fail.

It’s so bad.

For this year, I wanted to try again.


This time, it’s going to be different.

This new feature will be called Seasonal Anime Watching or S.A.W. in short.

Rather than giving my thoughts in one post, I will be posting individual posts instead of every anime I watch. That way, I won’t feel pressured to post stuff. My entries won’t have any kind of schedule as I can’t seem to follow them anyway.

Will this be a Daily posting thing? Maybe, maybe not. It really depends on when I watch the episodes and when I could publish the entries. My day job and irl stuff is quite unpredictable so…this is the only solution I could think of, as of now, at least.

This might change in the future, we will see.

This is going to be exciting! Ooohohoho.

Let us hope and pray that this will become a success. Lol.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Look forward to my upcoming entries here on my blog.

Ja ne!


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