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What I’m Currently Watching on Netflix

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It’s been years since Netflix became popular. All throughout that time, I admit, I had moments where I wanted to subscribe and see their content. I was able to stay grounded and not give in to temptation.

But after learning about the increase anime content in the platform, it was matter of time before I, myself, would drown in the depths of Netflix.

And the time had come, bruh, I now have a Netflix account.

Today, I will be sharing to you guys the shows I am currently watching on Netflix.

Before anything else, I will say that the shows I will be sharing might have a review or some sorts here on my blog in the future. So stay tune.

Anyway, to start the list, it’s of course, Aggretsuko.

If you guys have checked out my 1st season review of this series, I greatly greatly enjoyed this show. It was something different and hella relatable.

Now that I have a legit Netflix account, I didn’t hesitate to download the 2nd season of the series.

I haven’t fully finished the series yet, but I am nearing the end. So far, I’m liking what I’m seeing, feeling, and experiencing on this series.

Can’t wait to reveal my thoughts about it.

Next series I watched on Netflix would be Shadowhunters.

I am a huge fan of the early books of the Mortal Instruments franchise, so the TV Series was a must-watch for me. I had seen the 1st and 2nd season before, so my bringing of this one started in its 3rd season to the last. And bruh, I have a lot of thoughts, definitely.

I might make a review or a series of entries of this show in the future, I dunno. I just know I have a lot to say about this series.

Another show I checked out was a mini-series called Bodyguard.

I really enjoyed this one. At the beginning, I didn’t have any expectations to it, but as the series went through, I was on the edge of my seat and expecting whatever going to happen next.

I totally dig this kind of series.

Too bad this was really short. So short than 1 season of anime. Lol.

Still though, it was a good show.

The latest series I finished watch was Umbrella Academy.

Oh man, this series is crazy.

So crazy, I just want it to go on and on.  I LOVE IT. No wonder people love this series, its really good.

Until now, I still can’t move on from it. Wow.

From its story to the characters to the cinematography…I’m speechless.

Thank God I watched this show.

Definitely expect an entry or two about this series in the future.

Other than the series, I also watched a lot of…movies. Yeeeee.

Some of those were Murder MysteryIsn’t it Romantic? and some Filipino movies that I haven’t seen yet.

I also checked out documentaries like Enter the AnimeEvil GeniusInside Bill’s Brain, The ted Bundy Tapes and The Mind Explained. I couldn’t gather much thoughts about them as I moved from one movie to another. But I might rewatch some of them in the future and make entries…I dunno.

Now that I shared the series I saw on Netflix, I will now share with you guys a list of shows I am planning on watching next.

  • Mindhunter
  • You
  • The Crown
  • The End of the F***ing World
  • Sex Education

I’m sharing this list because I dunno what to watch next. Can you guys help and give recommendations as to what show I should watch next. It would be nice if you would recommend shows from the list above, but I’ll also accept new entries and add them to queue. If possible too, tell me why I should watch them first over the others cuz right now, I really can’t choose.


Hahahahaha. I think I just revealed the purpose of my entry.

Yes, bruh. I am now addicted to Netflix and I dunno what to watch next.

Feel free to comment below or on my social media accounts.

I guess, that’s it for today.

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This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!


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    Got one though it’s still incomplete: Carole and Tuesday. First 12 episodes are there but the second half won’t be up until December. I find it weird that Netflix likes 12-episode seasons but the show is actually a full 24-episode season. The songs can vary to your liking however.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      That series is indeed on my list. I’m still contemplating if I should watch the first 12 ep now or wait for it be complete.


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