The Real Neat Blog Award. I got Nominated!!

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Yo! Yo! Yo!
I got nominated!!!
This is not the first time I got nominated for a certain award, but this is the first time to make an entry about it. I kinda screwed up the award entries last year, that’s why I promised to myself that this year I will do my best to return the favor.
Thank you Keiko for the nomination! πŸ˜€
Though I am not sure what Real Neat Blog even means. Uuuhhhh….define neat? Hahahahah. I mean, my entries are scattered from one topic to another. Its all over the place. Lel. Still, Keiko, Thank you for choosing me. XD
Please do check out Keiko’s Anime blog. You’ll definitely enjoy reading.

  • Display the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers
  • Ask them 7 questions


What sound makes you super uncomfortable?
Cuz I have very sensitive ears, I’s very uncomfortable hearing the squeaky sounds made by a chalk squeaking or whenever a microphone is near a speaker. I get twice the pain on my ears, and I usually take a longer time before I could hear properly. Hehehehe.

What song currently sums up your mood?

Currently, the song that sums up my mood would be Morning Musume’s The Vision. The lyrics of the song pretty much sums up most of my daily thoughts this past few days. It has a beautiful melancholic but hopeful melody that soothes my ears and let me flow through my thoughts and emotions.

Do you like collecting things? If so what do you like to collect?

I do collect alot of stuff, especially the ones that I really really like. I collect books, concerts, music, tv series and animes. I am no rich person, so I do stuff illegally at first, then if ever I have enough budget I go on a spree.

my recent shoppin’ spree!!

If you could be the villain in an anime, what villain would you be?
Interesting question. If I could become a villain, I would want to be the manipulative type. I already have this trait so I definitely fit well with that kind of role. And pretty much no one would know I’m this type of person. Hahaha.

What anime would you like to see return for a sequel?
Uuwwwaaaa… I have so many animes in my mind. But if I were to choose right now, I want a Hataraku Maou-sama sequel.
It needs a freakin’ season two.

What is your favourite colour?
My favorite color is Orange. Second, is Blue.

Do you have a phobia? If so, what of?
I do have one, or maybe I use to have one, and that was claustrophobia. When I was young, I got to experience being trapped in a small and secluded room a lot of times which gave a a trauma.

Time to Nominate!!

Okay, Its time to nominate some peepz here on wordpress:

Now, here’s my questions:

  1. What anime is your most guiltiest pleasure? and Why?
  2. If you were given a chance to be reincarnated, which era and what type/kind of person do you want to be?
  3. What genre of anime you hate the most?
  4. Do you follow any anime youtubers in youtube?? and who are they??
  5. What anime/manga do you think fits more/better as a live-action movie/series??
  6. Do you find Pop Team Epic, an ongoing anime series this winter season, funny??
  7. If you were given a chance to reboot/remake an anime series, what would it be??

This is going to be fun!!
That is all.
Thanks for reading!!


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  2. Keiko Permalink

    Those were some interesting answers! 😊 I like collecting books as well!! Seeing your recent haul having Austen in it made me happy! She’s one of my favourite authors (I probably say that about every author though). :’)

    1. Sirius Permalink

      I am always interested with Jane Austen’s works, especially after seeing the Pride & Prejudice movie. Anyway, what Jane Austen book is your favorite?!?!?!

      1. Keiko Permalink

        Her works are pretty good! :’) ooo that movie’s pretty good!
        Hmmm it’d probably have to be Persuasion I guess you?

  3. Joseph Beech Permalink

    I nominate you for the BoozeNBlooger award! Congratulations! A highly prestigious award only given to a few .
    The rules are simple write a blog post after 5 shoots of tequilaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

    1. Sirius Permalink

      LOL!! XD hahahahahaah I don’t drink though hahaahhaha

  4. TPAB~ Permalink

    congrats on the award. I like your new theme too!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Amelia Permalink

    Ah, congratulations on the award! Thanks for nominating me too! Unfortunately, I’m a little late as I’ve only just seen this, but I’ll make sure to reply as soon as I can! ^^”

    1. Sirius Permalink

      No problem!! You can make the entry anytime, no pressure heheheheheh πŸ˜€


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