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Sirius here.

Heh. It’s been awhile.

I know. I’m sorry for not being active, alot of things was happening on my life. Good things and a bit of bad. It’s a rollercoaster ride after all. Lol.

Anyway, let us focus on to the now.

My main laptop is alive again.


I’m not sure if you guys remember, but around January last year, my laptop’s charger went to heaven which results to me using my Mac Air for blogposting. As you can see, I had some ups and downs with the baby Mac, the lag definitely killed my enthusiasm to post. That’s why, reviving my main laptop was my immediate goal. Being able to reach it at last is pure happiness on my part.

Now that my laptop is alive again, surely expect constant releases from me. I still won’t do schedules, but as much as possible, I will be posting atleast 1-3 entries a week.

Another update on my blog would be, I might change the look of my blog.

Believe me, I like the current look of my blog. Orange is my favorite color after all. But I have alot of issues with my current theme (especially the feature portion on my homepage), I really want to change it.

I dunno when I could change it, but I know it will be soon.

So yeah, expect the changes later this month. Heh.



Now, let’s move on to the main update.





I have Ko-Fi and Patreon NOW.

Yep, you read that right.


Well, even before getting a domain for my blog, I already have Ko-Fi and Patreon. I prepared them for this moment. LOL.

If you guys had been visiting my blog, I already added a Ko-Fi link on my sidebar. Thankfully, a good friend of mine recently donated some coffee to me.


Now for the Patreon, I’m still in the process of adding a link on my sidebar (which is highly unlikely), so for the meantime, I will be adding links at the end of my posts instead. Heh.

To start this new chapter of my blog, here are the links:

Become a Patron!

Like I said above, these links will all be added at the end of my entries. I’ll also try to find some time to add them on my old entries too.

So yeah.

If you like my content and want to express it, feel free to support me financially through Patreon and Ko-Fi. All your donations are greatly appreciated.

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