Sirius Rundown: Fruitful January

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Yo!!! Sirius here!!!

Oh man!! Monthly Rundown is back!! However, I changed the name!!

Yep, this feature is now “Sirius Rundown“. Cheesy, right? You know I am bad with naming stuff.

Anyway, welcome to my first ever rundown of the year. I revived this feature because I realized I actually made a lot of stuff this month of January and I want to at least make a summary out of it. I also want to share stuff I also discovered this month that are worth sharing. Lastly, I will also share my initial plans for February, and I hope I could do them. Heh.

Now, let’s talk about my entries.

I actually did a lot this month. If you compare my release this January to any of the month of 2019, it’s very very different. Not only I revived a lot of features (including this post you are reading now), I also made sure to be consistent in posting stuff. I feel so proud of myself.


I started this year with the annual Goodbye, Hello post, sharing the best moments of last year and my initial plans for this year.

After that, I shockingly revived Weekly Watch, now named Anime Weekly Watch, just because I want to watch Railgun T, Haikyuu and some amazing new animes in real-time. Lol.

You should check out my thoughts on the ongoing animes this 2020 Winter Season.

Yes, I know I said that I am not a fan of watching ongoing animes weekly, but for some point, I am enjoying a lot this season. This is a testament that people do change. Lol.

As always, I kept my word on at least posting 1 anime review every week. Believe me, I didn’t expect I could actually pull this one off as I had been having a hard time finishing an anime. I tend to start different animes to watch every day without even trying to reach its end, but I was able to finish some on time. Hence, the multiple review releases.

Maybe, this is the result of me being so desperate to watch all of the animes on my PTW list while watching ongoing shows. I do hope I could change this new develop habit of mine.


Other than anime reviews, I was able to release different content too in my blog that I am happy and proud of. Specifically, I posted a tv series review, 2 music reviews, and a random spazz post. I wish to post more in the future, but yeah, it just depends on my mood when I could release them. Heh.

Lastly, I was able to insert another feature before this month would end. No, it’s not this post you are reading right now, but the entry I posted a few days ago: Monthly Melodies.

This feature is one of my favorites in my blog as I get a chance to share songs I listened to in the past month. This is also my chance where I could promote and I guess, influence people to listen to the music I also listen to. Maybe, just maybe, people would also enjoy them.

Now, let me share with you some stuff I discovered this month.

I had a phase 2-3 years ago where I became addicted to youtubers, specifically the anitubers. Recently, I do admit I haven’t listened/watch much of the videos of my favorite anitubers. One of those was Pause and Select.

I discovered him through the recommendations of Youtube. His videos were not only entertaining in their own way; they are also educational, especially about anime. I especially love his videos where he goes deep about a certain topic/genre/niche in anime. My recent favorites would be his video about Moephobia and Isekai series. He usually invites a person who is quite knowledgeable about the topic and let that person explain the topic and share their knowledge.

Bruh, I totally love his videos. I mean, after watching his Isekai series, it made me see the genre in a different light and it made me want to watch Isekai animes. Lel.

Definitely check his YT.

Another Youtuber I recently got back to was another lesser-known one. I dunno why, I just love watching their content moreover then well-known ones. The anituber is AH Brandon Anime Reviews.

Compared to Pause and Select, AH Brandon Anime Reviews was more of your typical anime youtuber where he gives his thoughts about animes through episodic reviews weekly, full reviews, and some podcasts. I really like his content because he is very eloquent when it comes to his reviews and I really like his voice. He also reviews animes that he likes and not just follows what was popular. Lastly, we pretty much have almost the same tastes in anime. And that is a huge plus. Heh.

Check his YT too.

Another youtuber I want you guys to know is someone who is not really an anituber. He’s a youtuber who is into books and recently, mangas. He is JessetheReader.

I really like him as he is quite entertaining to watch. He’s also the reason why I am going back to reading books and manga again. Yeeeee!!

Other than youtube, I am also into podcasts lately. Well, I had been into podcasts since last year as it’s my past time while working.

I used to download the podcast from Youtube and listen to them as audio, but lately, with me having a premium account in Spotify, I had been listening through there.

The podcasts I had been listening are Filipino-based so I don’t think you guys (international peepz) would understand the language. But, if ever you are a Filipino, do check them out.

I really want to listen to other podcasts, especially the ones related to Crimes, Animes, TV Series, and maybe some KPOP, too.

I already expressed this before on my twitter, but listening to podcasts made me want to do a podcast myself.

Do share your thoughts about this. Heh.

Before this post will end, let me give you guys an idea of what will be released this February.

Other than the usual entries I posts in my blog, I will try and finish making the Concert feature and maybe, be able to release a Book Review. I already found the perfect concert to be featured first, while I am still deciding what book to review.

I was planning on doing a Feb special, but after some thinking, I think I might get a blog burn out or go depressed again, so its a no-no.


I sure like to post a lot of long entries lately. Heh. Well, this is no surprise as I am trying to give a rundown.

I do wanna share that this month I wasn’t able to read much of articles of other bloggers. Most of the time, I saved them. I will try to make an effort and feature some entries in February

Today is the start of another month, a lot of stuff will come in our way and maybe plans won’t go our way. Let us all be positive and continue to move forward.

I will continue to post at my own pace and write for my satisfaction.


Anyway, that is all for now.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!

PS: don’t forget to check the links above!!!


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