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Yo! Sirius here!

Welcome to my February summary post, where I give my thoughts about everything that was posted here on my blog, the stuff that is happening in real life, and maybe some insights from the news on the internet.

If you compare this month’s performance to January, I sucked so bad this month. Lol.

Why? Well, I wasn’t in the mood much to write stuff.

I tried, but I’m physically tired and lazy to make them.

However, if ever I feel like sharing my thoughts about a certain topic, I try to convey them as much as possible. Hence, the weird release dates of entries. Heh.

Anyway, other than me being lazy, another culprit to my lack of posts would be the big P.

I already expressed my growing love for this medium, and this month, I can now say I’m addicted to it.

Yes, I am addicted to podcasts.

Last month, I shared how much I listened to Filipino podcasts, specifically, The Morning Rush and The Halo Halo Show.

However, everything has changed this month. Rather than listening to the usual podcasts on spotify, I am now addicted to listening to true crime podcasts, specifically, True Crime Obsessed and My Favorite Murder.


Oh, man.


My love for the true-crime had always been present, I just don’t share it.

I think you guys know why. Just like anime, if people know you are into it, they’ll definitely find me weird. Or even think I might become a serial killer someday.

Bruh, believe me, I won’t.

The reason why I am into this genre is it’s fascinating. Very fascinating.

The people who did the crime were also humans, like us, and I find it quite fascinating and intriguing knowing the reasons and moments that made them do the heinous crime. Each case is different from each other, after all, humans are unique from each other. Knowing each one if their similarities and triggers, definitely, can help the future cases and prevent them.

I guess me being a psychology major is a huge factor in my love for true-crime. As I am quite knowledgeable about the behaviors and personalities of deviant people, listening to these podcasts not only satisfies my love for true-crime, but also my love for my major.


I’m weird, I know.

But guess what, this is me.

And I love this stuff.

Definitely expect some entries in the future about these podcasts.


Now, let me share my thoughts about the entries I made this month, February.

As always, my Anime Weekly Watch continues to be consistent. Though, I do admit I had been having a hard time finding time to watch the episodes, hence, the late releases. I am trying to be consistent and not skip a week, but yeah, I kinda have no control over the release dates.

Other than AWW, I had been consistent with my anime review release.

However, as much as I am happy with it, I am also disappointed with myself for not even finishing any of my planned releases for this month, February. Most of this plans are supposed to be released even last January, but it got delayed. And now, it’s delayed again.

I won’t give up, though. I will eventually post them all.

Enough about me, I want to talk about my fellow bloggers now.

While I was busy listening to podcasts, I didn’t forget to check out my fellow blogger’s posts. Most of them, I saw through twitter, and some are from the WP reader.

Here are the one’s that standout to me:

#AniTwitWatches watches Girls Last Tour

In the past few months, I had been enjoying my time on twitter. One of the reasons why I enjoy it over the other social media is because of the people I follow, which are mostly my fellow bloggers. Connecting with them gives me delight every day.

One of the events on twitter that I always wanted to join but didn’t was #AniTwitWatches, it is where participating twitter users watch a specific anime and give their opinion about it. The recent anime they decided to watch is a fan favorite last 2017, Girls Last Tour or in Japanese, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou.

As much as I want to watch along with my other bloggers, I had seen the anime already and I am not in the mood to rewatch it again. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like AniTwitWatches, I actually enjoy reading other blogger’s opinions about the anime.

Yes, I had seen the anime before and I am quite biased about my opinion about it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t acknowledge other people’s opinions about it.

Reading the other blogger’s opinion about it made me remember why I like the anime in the first place and also see the anime in a different perspective. I both find it nostalgic and refreshing.

I do hope I can participate in #AniTwitWatch in the future. Ooohohohohoh.

Yomu’s The Great Anime Studio Challenge

Early this month, Yomu announced an intriguing project that would definitely be hard to achieve, but quite possible. That is The Great Anime Studio Challenge whereas Yomu explained, “to watch something from EVERY listed studio / producer on MyAnimeList.”

This challenge is definitely very challenging, but I think this is going to be really really fun. It’s a crazy idea but I think Yomu can pull this one off.

No pressure on Yomu, but I can’t wait for the first post on this challenge. Heheheheheh. 🙂

Mirrorpurple’s Cruise Adventure

Here is a set of posts I read early this month. It was Mirrorpurple’s cruise adventure.

I follow Mirrorpurple’s twitter so I am updated with his cruise vacation, and bruh, I AM VERY JEALOUS. Hahahahhaha!

Then he made a series of posts about it, I AM MORE JEALOUS NOW. Lol.

Don’t mind me, I just envy as going on a cruise is one of my goals and is part of my bucket list. Heh.

Seeing his posts about his vacation on twitter was pretty much a glimpse of his adventure, but being able to read about it, not only made me jealous, but it also gave me some points about what its like staying on the cruise.

Reading his posts, I kind of tell he enjoyed his stay on the cruise even though there were some mishaps. Good for him. 🙂

OOCentral’s Karakai Jouzo no Takagi-san Anime Review

Usually, I don’t revive my interest in something unless I’m in a mood for it.

For Takagi-san, I lost my interest in it after watching the series after it’s 3rd episode. Even with the arrival of the 2nd season, my interest never came back, until I read OOCentral’s review on it.

I like how OOCentral points out the good points of the anime series and its bad ones. Infairness, we have the same opinion about the anime. However, OOCentral’s post made me interested again with the series. the blogger didn’t point out anything new that was amazing about the series, but he/she definitely made me check out the series again after reading his/her post.

Mechanical Anime Review’s Ushio & Tora Anime Review

This one is fresh.

As I was scrolling through my twitter, I saw Scott’s post about his review about Ushio and Tora. I decided to click it as I remember enjoying the series years ago.

Definitely, reading his review made me remember why I liked the series in the first place.

Ushi and Tora was released in 2015, but its story and how it was presented, it felt like the anime was released in the 90’s. Watching the series itself felt like nostalgia. So reading about a nostalgic series gave me nostalgia. Do I make sense? I hope so. Lol.

Kaijudestroyer’s My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Review

Okay, I am quite thankful I stumbled onto this review as I didn’t know HeroAca released a new movie. I dunno wtf was I doing, why was I not informed about this? Lol.

Anyway, if I were to base it on Kaijudestroyer’s review, it looks like the new movie would be another enjoyable movie to watch, like the first one. Not that I am complaining, as this is what to be expected with anime movies.

It looks like the movie takes place in between arcs of the current season. That’s nice. It seemed all the relevant heroes, like the first movie, will contribute and stand out as much as they can in a short span of time.

I can’t wait to see it.

However, I still find it weird how come I didn’t know about the 2nd movie. I never even noticed any promotions about this. Was I that oblivious or was this movie promoted less compared to the first movie?

Anyway, no one can tell. Lol.

Now that I shared all of the stuff I wanna share this past month, it’s time for me to give you guys a glimpse of what’s to come this March.

Like I said above, I will be posting about the podcasts I am currently addicted to, to at least give you guys an idea why I like them and why you guys should check them out too.

I will also be posting my first ever Concert review next month. Bruh, this time, it’s official. The pictures and my initial draft is finished, I just need to edit it out.

Other than the concert, another corner will open again. That would be the Books reviews. I made a promise to myself to be able to read books at least monthly, and so far, I am accomplishing it. I just need time to make entries about them.

Other than the stuff I mentioned above, I will continue to provide anime reviews and the Anime Weekly Watch.

Yes, next month is going to be busy, but I know it’s going to be worth it.

Delays will happen, I can predict it already, so please bear with me. Rest assured, everything will be posted, no matter what.


I won’t prolong this any longer.

This has been Will Sirius and thank you for reading!!

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