Scribble I have a New Announcement!!

I have a New Announcement!!

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You guys might be thinking how weird this is. I just announced my Halloween Project last Monday, and yet, here we are, me making another announcement. Yay.

Well, to ease all of your curiosity, I will now tell you guys the announcement.


I promise, I dunno how many times I did this updating thing, I just can’t seem to settle on a proper format. I guess, I just want to keep on evolving or I’m still finding that right groove in blogging.

Now, what will be the changes this time?

First, I will be removing my schedule.

Surprise, surprise. I saw this downfall from a mile away. Lol.

Why am I dropping this? These past few weeks, I had been noticing the decrease in the quality of my entries. I felt like I was forcing myself to make content and publish them, even though I know myself they are below average entries. Funny thing is I already expressed before that the schedule was in place so that I could have consistent content and would prevent me from procrastinating. Still, I wasn’t able to hold on. 

Believe me when I say that I predicted myself to give up at the end of 2018, but I never got to reach that point. Lol. 

The decrease in the quality was a huge blow on me as I wanted to improve more on my writing, but I feel like having a schedule not only limited my time but also my way of thinking. I keep on reminding my brain to work work work and write write write so that I could maintain the schedule, but it only made my brain lag. I’m not motivated to write at all. 

Another thing was I also wanted to write some entries that go deep into analysis unlike my usual works, but I need time to make them.

Another factor that had been affecting me, even before, are my IRL stuff. As much as I keep them at bay, they sure keep on disturbing me. Not only they affect my time in making entries, but also my mood.

So yeah, Schedule is a no-go for me.

However, this doesn’t mean I won’t be using schedules anymore. Nope, scheduling entries is one of the best features in blogging and I really love this. Rather than using this feature in all of my entries, it will only be used on mini and big projects of mine in the future. That way, my anxiety won’t go overload and worry too much when it’s time for the projects to be released.

Now that I decided to remove it, my entries will now be released at any time of the day. As I can’t control my mood in writing, there might be times in the future that I would be posting constantly, or won’t be posting at all.

Please…bear with my whimsical mood.

Okay, now that settle, time for the next announcement.

My blog won’t be anime-focused anymore.

Originally, I made this blog to focus on all of my interests. But with the huge response and growth I get when I post anything related to anime, my blog kind-off became a typical anime-centered blog with the occasional random entries. I don’t want that anymore.

I used to be scared if my entries won’t be well accepted, and it pretty much shows on some of my entries as they don’t get views…at all. But I don’t want to be doubtful anymore.

I want to be able to be free in sharing my thoughts on everything, anime or not. I don’t care anymore if you guys are not going to read and support my other contents, I will still post them. This is a liberating choice of mine, but bruh, this is my blog, I post the hell I want.

But I do hope that you guys appreciate, at least, my other entries too. 

As we are already in this topic already, I think its right to announce that I will be reviving alot of old segments here on my blog.


I can’t say much about this yet as I am still choosing and properly sorting things out, but bruh, I assure you, they are coming back. Even the segments that I put on hold might come back to fruition.

As long as I take my time on them, everything will be done. 

Last but not the least, Changes with my Halloween Project.

Yeah, I know. I just announced this project few days ago then now I’m changing it up. Lol.

Things changed, bruh. While I’m still in the mood, i am going to take advantage of it.

I will be changing the schedule as to when the project really starts. What I announced before was it would start at the 30th of October, but now, it will be on Monday, October 28, 2019 instead.

Why the change? Well, at the time of making the previous announcement, I was sure on only making anime reviews for the Halloween. But I recently decided to add other types of entries to the project, as long as its Halloween themed. 

Another reason for this is that I am in the mood to write so, screw it… I will write them.


Again, my Halloween Project will officially start on Monday, October 28. It will be next week, please stay tuned for it.

Please also bear with me as it is my first big project. 🙂

I think that’s all of the announcements I could think of. 

I might drop some random updates in the future, just you wait, as I myself can’t predict the future.


Anyway, that is all for now.

Also, don’t forget to support me on Ko-Fi.

Okay, this has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

Will Sirius
I am just a dreamer, trying to be a writer and write the stuff I am into. I love to share my thoughts on anime, tv series, music, movies, books, and more.

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  1. Welcome to the no schedule, varied content family! What we lack in consistency and identity we make up in mystery, experimentation and passion. Just keep doing you, there’s plenty of anime blogs but only one Will Sirius; so write when you wanna write, write what you wanna write and I’m sure you’ll shine through and make it work for the best.

    • Thank you very much!!! This really means so much for me. I’ll definitely focus on what I want to write from now on!! 😊

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