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I am OBSESSED with True Crime Obsessed

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Other than My Favorite Murder, the other true crime podcasts I’m recently crazy about on Spotify is True Crime Obsessed.

I already gave my thoughts and explanation as to why I love My Favorite Murder. Now, I will share my thoughts on this one.

Compared to the former, True Crime Obsessed is a dark comedy podcast where the hosts give their thoughts and feelings while recapping true crime documentaries.

The hosts, Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle, are like the hosts of MFM, they are fans of true crime. Not only that, but they are also into the theater, especially on the broadway musical, Hamilton.

How I discover the podcast

Compared to MFM, no one influenced me to listen to them. No one recommended this to me.

I just had a chance encounter with this podcast.

While searching for a true-crime podcast on Spotify, My Favorite Murder and True Crime Obsessed were part of the top recommendations. So I checked them out.

Of course, I checked My Favorite Murder first. Like I said in my previous podcast post, I was turned off by the first episode because of how messy it was. So I immediately switched to this baby, True Crime Obsessed.

Even from the start, the hosts blew me away with their humor, sass and intriguing commentaries. Their podcast experience is clearly showing, even though this true crime podcast was still very new.

Hence, I became obsessed by this podcast.

Obsession over True Crime Obsessed

I admit, I first love True Crime Obsessed before My Favorite Murder. After all, the former captivated me first.

The hosts were not just really really funny, they are also really real and doesn’t give a damn about the people they judge. If they find the people in the documentaries bad, they are bad. If they are good, they are heroes in their eyes. Simple as that.

Their initial releases were also really strong and captivating. I mean, bruh, The Keepers documentary immediately? Uuuggghhh…one of my favorite episodes.

However, no podcast is perfect.

I did felt bummed on some of their releases, especially the non-true crime ones. I mean, their podcast (and their podcast name) has True Crime on it, and yet there were episodes were they tackle non-true crime docus.

I guess, they revamped the format because of the minimal amount of true crime documentaries out there. I do understand this.

I do try listening to them, just because I wanna hear the host’s funny and sassy inserts. But there are just some episodes were even the humor couldn’t save.

Nevertheless, my love for the podcast is still as strong as ever.

In conclusion

Overall, True Crime Obsessed is another true-crime podcast worth listening to.

Compared to MFM, this podcast is more for everyone as they cater a lot more to a wider range of genres now that they are not only focusing on true-crime.

Totally recommended.

Yo!! Sirius here.

Here is my 2nd podcast recommendation post. I think I wrote this better compared to MFM one as I think I got the gist on how I should write these entries.


I’m also enjoying writing these posts, I might make more once I discover more podcasts in the future.

For now, this has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!

PS: Interesting fact, I made this entry and the Kakegurui XX review so smoothly…all thanks to Justin Bieber’s Changes Album. I am no fan of Bieber, but after watching his “Seasons” documentary, I got curious as to what his new sound is like. Unlike other people, I am liking this new side of him. I might review his album in the future, if I feel like it.


I didn’t expect I could write better whenever I listen to the album. Maybe because his album resonates similarly to lo-fi music.


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