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How Corona Virus is affecting my life

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Yo!! Sirius here!

Long time no post.

Since last week, I had been trying to publish stuff here on my blog. However, a certain virus pretty much destroyed all of my plans.


Okay, not really destroyed. More of…delayed.

Corona Virus, or now known as COVID-19, recently emerged as a pandemic ever since it struck the whole by storm last January. The virus started in China and it quickly spread the world. It not only caused a lot of deaths, infected people and a lot of xenophobia.

To be honest, I really don’t like to dive into this kind of stuff, especially here on my blog. But I guess, I just want an outlet of my thoughts.

I mean, this virus not only affected me personally, but it also affected my work life, my family, how I enjoy my stuff and my own mental health.

Okay, let me lay out everything now.

Paranoid Family

Let us start from here.

Around the time of the virus outbreak, people were panicking. First, masks were hoard, now, it’s alcohol. I mean, I even saw a guy buying 2 dozens of wet wipes. I don’t wanna judge, but that is just too much.

Anyway, this outbreak made my family paranoid, especially my mother. As I am the most obedient and easy to command daughter, I was the punching bag of her paranoia. At times I try to level down her overwhelming thoughts, but with the increase of infected Filipinos here in my country, it is getting out of hand.

This is not good for my mental health.

My siblings were…somewhat level-headed, but they do fall for the misinformation on the internet. And bruh, it pisses me off.

Sorry, I have tendencies of trying to educate people of what is right, or what I think is right, and my siblings always get my rants. Most of the time, I just want them to be educated and know what is the right stuff, but other stuff, I just wanted to be the smart one in the room.

I’m a horrible person. I can’t help it.

Because of this, the current state of my family is quite…a chaos. A lot of stuff keeps on happening in our household, some makes sense and others don’t. A lot of shouting and reprimanding, sharing wrong information and misguiding the others, and its taking a toll on me.

I love my family, but sometimes, I wish I live alone.

Work From Home


Like I mentioned above, the number of infected people keeps on increasing here in the Philippines, especially this month of March. Because of it, A lot of cities and provinces are now in “Community Quarantine”. This made the company I work at, come up with a contingency plan to make sure all of us could still work, even if worse comes to worst.

As my household loves very fast internet, I got chosen to be part of the first batch of employees that would do “Work From Home”. Specifically, the program just started a few days ago.


What do I feel going through the WFH?

Well, it is both stressful, exciting, and nerve-wrecking. I am excited because it means I could stay at home and not stress about my transportation to work. Nervous because this is my first time doing this. And lastly, stressful.

Very stressful.

After all, this is the first time my Department team had done this kind of scenario. As expected, there were a lot of problems and it made me very very anxious and hella stressed. It was overwhelming.

I had a hard time because a lot of my tasks were…not cooperating with me, which almost made me explode out of frustrations. Like WTF, my other peers seemed to be enjoying the WFH, while I’m struggling. It really stressed me out.

As the program is still in the early stages, it might become better in the long run, or it might go worse. But let us be positive, okay?

For my own sake.

Mental Health

I dunno if I had shared this to you guys before but I had been suffering these past few months some health issues.

At first, I didn’t mind them as I thought they would go away after a while, but they are now affecting my everyday life.

So, I went to the doctor and discovered I have a lot of health problems because of my uncontrollable stress.


Now, since I learned about my issues, I tried my hardest to minimize the amount of stress I consume every day. I had been doing quite well, I mean, even my mental health I keep its balance. However, Corona Virus pretty much punched all of my efforts away.


I tried to not care much about it to lessen my overthinking that could lead to stress and broken mental health, but it’s creeping on to me. I mean, if you have a paranoid family and a demanding work, I don’t think I can maintain a ZEN life.

Still, though, I try my hardest every day to be ZEN. Not only for my health but also for my sanity.

Anime and Blogging Struggles

I dunno if you guys notice but I had been having a hard time maintaining a proper posting schedule for my blog.

Yes, I know I dropped the schedule thing before, but I still keep in mind to at least post once every other day. However, because of the stuff, I mentioned above, its a bit hard to do.

Other than my bad blog posting, I had been having a hard time watching animes too, especially this month.

After my not really active blogging last month, I told myself to be better this March. However, this virus caused a lot of chaos all over the world, which resulted in me not having time to watching anime, shows, concerts, and even blogging.

I mentioned recently that I had been into podcasting, right? Well, other than the stuff I listen are awesome, podcasts are really convenient. Just by listening to it, I had consumed a lot of media already and I love it.

I still am trying to insert animes and concerts in my free time, but bruh, what is even free time when other people and keeps on occupying it?

This is a struggle and I hope you guys would bear with me for awhile.

Until I get my sh*t together and figure out better time management for all of this, everything could still go haywire.


Oh…didn’t expect this to be long.

I was actually making articles for the Shield Hero and Servamp animes, but I am not feeling it. So rather than going idle, I decided to throw all of the stuff that is on my mind. I just wanna get all of this out.

Maybe that way, I can now concentrate on my articles for my blog.

This is just a random post from me, so feel free to not read it.


Anyway, that is all for now. I won’t make this any longer.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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    You’re brave for opening up. This virus exposes that there’s a lot that must be done especially in a country that uses fear as a way for staying indoors. Here in Metro Manila I’m only lucky that I still have access to the internet and have a family who knows what to do. But it’s chaotic out there, I think for those who don’t even have those privileges. In your case, I hope you’ll be able to recover. Try to control things one step at a time and remember to rest. It may be typical advice, but it really helps.

    1. Permalink

      I am taking baby steps right now. I think expressing what I am thinking helps me clear out some stuff.
      Indeed, it is really scary out there. I live here in Cebu, which I guess not as strict unlike there in Luzon, but the level of hoarding in here is through the roof. I can’t help but feel sorry for the people who couldn’t buy the necessities for surviving this pandemic.


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