Goodbye, 2019. Hello, 2020!!!

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Yo!! Sirius here!!




Oh man, for some point…I’m feeling the time, bruh. I feel old now. LOL.


This had became a tradition here on my blog, and I am vvery thankful to you guys as you all are still here, reading and supporting. As we enter the 3rd year of my blogging, I hope you guys will continue to support me until the very end.


Okay, time for the main topic. I will now be sharing all of the highlights of 2019 and also, my plans for 2020.

This entry my turn out to be long, but I’ll try to shorten it as much as possible.

First highlight of 2019 would be my HOME TRANSFER.

Originally, I was using a different blog for posting all of my entries. It was around February when I decided to move to this new site and go legit official. Lel.

old site

It was a struggle, yes, as I was having a hard time transitioning from my old blog to this current one. After a lot of bantering with my Dev, my Dad, we settled some stuff, we were able to have this current site now. This new site of mine is still on its infant stage, so please bear with the changes.

Now, my current struggle is what should I do with my old blog site. I really don’t want to kill it, but its also a hassle if I would update it…I really dunno what to do with it. Sigh…

If you guys have any idea what should I do with it…please help me.

current site

Next highlight this year would be SPACE IS THE PLACE.

I had always wanted to join an anime project for quite awhile now so seeing this opportunity, I immediately grab it. To be honest, I was really not prepared at all for this project as I was still in my blogging break when I decided to join. But infairness, I was able to pull it off. Hahahahaha.

The anime I decided to use for the project was an unknown one. the anime was Starship Operators. Why did I decide to go for that? Well, main reason would be so that I could be different? Lol. I really like how I’m so hipster. Hahahahah. But yeah, I also want people to know more about the hidden gems too. I always wanted to review it anyways, so the project was the right outlet for it.

The experience of being part of an anime blogging project was really enthralling, I want to experience it again. If ever there are more project next year, please do invite me. Heh.

Space is the Place Banner

Another highlight from 2019 would be HALLOWEEN SPECIAL.

After a lot of mishaps when it comes to possible projects within my blog, this was my first ever original project that I actually finished.

As this was my first, I really treasured my experience with it. Definitely, I will do this one again.

For this special, I not only featured shows that were anime, I also featured shows/tv series/movies that could be watched during the Halloween. Yeah, most of the shows I featured were not really scary, but they are still a good shows to waste your time on during Halloween. Lol.

goodbye, 2019. hello, 2020

Last highlight of 2019 would be, of course, my 12 DAYS OF ANIME 2019.

Compared to my previous 12 Days, I was a bit more prepared and I really really liked the entries I posted. Even though I struggled a bit in the early entries of mine, I was able to recover well in the latter half.

I really enjoyed writing all of the entries as they were all the topics I really want to focus on. Yeah, changes still happened in the middle of the project, especially in terms of what topic to post first, I was able to arrange it well.

Heh. I’m really proud of it…and very proud of myself.

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020


I don’t think I could move on to 2020 if I couldn’t express my disappointment on myself for not continuing alot of projects.

These projects/features of mine here on my blog that I discontinued were:

Here are the features/projects I was supposed to start last 2019 but weren’t done at all:

  • Ghibli Movie Marathon
  • Concert Feature
  • Musical Feature
  • Artist Feature
  • February Love Week Special

Yeah, I have a lot in store last 2019, and yet, I wasn’t able to finish/do them, and I really feel bad about it.

Now that 2020 has come, I will not promise I could do all of the projects above, but I promise to try and do them.

Now for my plans this 2020.

Other than doing all of my projects above, I also plan on doing something new. I dunno what they are but I will make sure to do them so that I won’t have regrets.

I will highly prioritize doing Weekly Watch again, as 2020 have a lot of amazing animes to be released.

Another high priority I will soon do would be the February special. As Feb is quite near, I want to be very prepared for it. However, I am still a bit wary of its current title. If you guys have some proposal or idea, please do share. I’m really not good with titles.

Next high priority will be the Books Feature. Compared to other features, this feature is connected to my personal resolution, which is I need to read one book per month. I feel really bad that this past few years I had been reading less and less, so I will bring back my reading through this feature.

Last high priority that I will be featuring in the first half of 2020 is the Concert Feature. I had been delaying this feature for awhile, as I feel like I haven’t found the right concert to start everything off. Few weeks ago, I was able to found one and its really really good. Though, there is a chance you guys can’t relate much, I will still push through with my plans no matter what.

You guys might’ve noticed too that my blog have a new look. Yeah, after personally changing my looks too, I also wanted a new look for my blog, as a way of welcoming 2020.

I was supposed to schedule its change around in time with this entry of mine, but yeah, I accidentally published this new look, so…yeah.

I hope you guys like it. Hahahahahha.

Ah yes, I also plan on doing another 30 days challenge again. I’m still not sure what challenge I will do as there are quite a lot of challenges in the internet.

If ever you guys have some recommendation, do tell me down below.

Last November, I already announced that I will not be focusing much on anime anymore. This change will be more felt in 2020, as I have alot of entries on my drafts that are not anime-related. Heh.

Though, if you guys want to see my development in my anime watching, just check out my MyAnimeList as it is always updated.

I think you guys know about the existence of my Patreon and Ko-Fi. I am not really forcing anyone to give me money or anything, I just wanted to have an account on both of them. I find them interesting, Lol.

Now that I have both, I haven’t been able to study them and learn the ways on how to take advantage of them. Once I do, I will do some announcements here on my blog. Do watch out for that.

Lastly, I will continue posting randomly here on my blog. As much as I want to post as much as I want to, my personal shiizzz always gets in the way. I do plan on posting at least 1 entry per week. At least that is consistent. Heh.

If you guys want to continuously be updated to all of my entries, please don’t forget to subscribe to me or follow any of my social media accounts. I will also try to find new ways to spread my entries around.


I think I covered all the topics I want to share. Though, I do have a feeling I forgot some stuff. Lol.

Anyway, now that 2020 is here, let’s all make the most out of it.

A lot of entries are coming this month, look forward to them.

I will also continue to try evolve and improve my writing, for both your and my sake.


This has been Will Sirius and thank you for reading!!


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