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Yo!! Sirius here.
Few weeks ago, I got tagged by TPAB senpai to do this Create-a-story challenge.
Ha.Ha.Ha. I lost my sanity. LOL.
You see, I love stories. Yes. Everyday, I would able to create alot of story plots in my mind. My problem is, I’m not really a good writer. Specifically, I feel like I’m not that good yet. Another thing is, my mind switches from one story to another, its kinda hard to make a proper story. At least this challenge is a short one.

Here are the rules:

  1. You pick your first word, your setting and your story genre from the list below. As individuals, your brand of creativity is unique to yours, so we want to highlight that by letting you choose from a bunch of words and creating something beautiful out of it.
  2. The short story will have a limit of 1000 words. You do not need to write a story with 1000 words exactly. It could be 300, or 500 as long as it doesn’t surpass a thousand.
  4. You must tag three people to participate.
  5.  Don’t forget to link back to Keiko (this is her story) so she can collect all the stories. You can’t just link back to her wordpress, since she won’t be alerted of the pingback. You need to link back to a post or a page, because wordpress works like this.
  6.  Use the Create-A-Story picture in the post.
  7.  Copy and paste the rules in your tag post as well, so others can be clued in to the Create-A-Story rules.

The people I’ll be tagging will be:
FireRoad – Yes, my good friend. I have read alot of your random ‘stories/scenarios’ on FB, that’s why I’m really curious on to what kind of story you’ll make through this challenge.
LitaKino – I’m not really sure if you’re already tagged or something, I’ll tag you anyways. Recently, I haven’t read much entries here on WordPress, but I do keep up with your videos on Youtube. I look forward to your story. Heheh.
tetrax4berium – Thank you always for reading my entries. I wanna tag you this time. Can’t wait to read your story. 😀

Okay. For the story, it’s a Rain + School + Comedy/Slice of life (and possible Romance?? I dunno).
I’m not confident about it. I really do want to post something awesome and noteworthy, but due to time constraints and priorities, I wasn’t able to make something that satisfies me.
Anyways, enjoy!!

Rain, Rain, go away. Come again Another day.

It’s the first day of school and I want it to be special, memorable, and amazing. Why? Well, I’m now in college. Yay!! I’m an adult now. A new chapter of my life is starting, so it would be nice if my whole day would be filled with rainbows and happiness…

*rain pouring…hard*
Or not.
The first thing that greeted me the moment I woke up were lightning and thunder, dancing together. Ha! Great, epic first day indeed.


I was able to reach school without any problems.
As I walked to my class. I was imagining my own introduction. Should I blast them with my killer smile and have all the girls fawn over me? Or should I go with the shy route and let the girls think I’m really really cute? Such a nice thoughts.
But reality slaps us harder than we expect.
There was only one student, beside me, in the classroom. He saw me walking in the room and said, “Ah! Hey, classmate. There is no class. It’s the first day and the teachers are still in orientation.” “Oohh. Okay. Thanks for the info.”
As I was about to walk out of the room, I curiously asked him, “Hey, uuuhhh…classmate. Uuhh…curious question. Why are you still here? I mean there is no class.” He just cheekily smiled and answered, “I’m here for the aircon. We paid for this through miscellaneous. Gonna make the most out of it.” Ah, of course. Why didn’t I think of that.
“Oh, nice. Cool for you.”


It wasn’t just my first class, it was everything. I had no class the whole damn day. I didn’t expect this at all.
Is it really normal in college to be this chill?

*rain pours*
Or is it really just chilly right now because of the weather?
Sigh. My first day of college didn’t go according to my plans. I was expecting to establish a fanbase and collect alot of friends. But, but, but…my ideal first day in college is destroyed. Sigh.
I roam around the campus, looking for some place to sit on or to relax a bit. But I wasn’t able to find one. Almost all the students are within the building where they can’t be wet, occupying all the seats.
Curse you, rain.
In the end, I continued to roam the campus. I was able discover alot of routes to explore in the future. As I was about to get tired of walking, I saw a bench without anyone sitting on it. I immediately went into it and sat like I own the damn thing. After hours of suffering, I deserved it you know.

*rain pours*
The rain continues to pour, and now I’m feeling really down. For a first day in college, this is so uneventful. What’s the point of all the effort I put into this first day of college. I almost couldn’t sleep last night cuz of excitement, and here I am, rotting my soul away to the depths of boringness. I just wish that atleast I would experience something good today. At least one.
“Oh heavens, above. Please grant me this tiny wish of mine. That there would be something, or anything interesting that would make my day better.”
A really loud rambling of thunder was heard after my prayer. It seems I just got my wish denied.


I walked aimlessly to the entrance of the school, contemplating if either I ran to the nearest terminal or contact my parents and pick me up. Should I be a cool but stupid guy, or a spoiled but wise guy? While thinking, I felt someone tapping my shoulders. I looked at that person and it turns out the be my highschool crush, Jessica.

“Theo?” She asked. “Oh, Hey Jessica.” I answered.
She embraced me suddenly, which left me shocked, stunned, froze…every synonym of that word, dammit.
“I was abit worried that I might not find someone familiar in this school.” She let go of that epic embrace and smiled brightly to me. “Thank God, I met you, Theo.”
Indeed, thank you heavens above for this blessing.
I smiled back, “I didn’t expect you to be in this school, too. What course are you taking?”
“I’m taking up Industrial Engineering. You?”
“Mine is Computer Science. But wow, IE? Didn’t see that coming from you.”
“Ah, yeah.” She laughed, “I’m full of surprises I guess.”

*rain pours*
“Are you about to go home?” I asked.
“Yes, I’m meeting some of our classmates in HS.” She looked at her watch, “But with this rain, I don’t think I could go there in time.”
I looked at the skies and the rain, it’s quite clear it had no plans on stopping yet. Seeing my highschool crush in distress, I thought of some idea.
“Hey, Jess.”
“I know this is a random suggestion, but do you want some coffee?” To be honest, I didn’t expect myself to have enough balls to ask her out. But I had the chance infront of me so why not grab it, right?
“I mean, if we stay here and wait for the rain to stop, it would take ages and it would be really boring. I know a good cafe in the east side of the campus, do you wanna join me?”
She was just looking at me silently. My heart was beating too fast, it feels like it would burst out in a second. Then she answered and smiled, “Why not?”
I just melt.
Rain, thank you.



That was…a mess. LOL. I’m not really a fan of it. I had alot of ideas in my head, but I can’t put words to them. This short story, on the other hand, is pure fiction with a hints of realistic settings. The setting is quite realistic, after all, I got my inspirations from my own experience during my university days. I also got my inspirations through the passive-aggressive rain yesterday. It was really weird.
Anyway, I hope you like guys like this one. It’s not really special, but I do appreciate some feedback. Hehheheheh.
That is all.
Thanks for reading!!!


  1. tetrax4berium Permalink

    That was a really fun story, it’s simple in a good way and gives a lot of description to understand the MC well even for a short write-up. It does seem random for some bits here and there and some details could be further expanded on, but I guess that’s up to a chapter 2 or something ^^
    I really liked that part where the guy said “We paid for this through miscellaneous”. #truestory
    Thanks for the nomination! Hopefully I have the time to post it up in time (fingers crossed) 🙂

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      Thanks!! I’m glad you liked it.
      And the miscellaneous thingy is indeed #truestory XD

  2. LitaKino Permalink

    Awww thankyou for the tag. I Have not been tagged yet, same here not keeping up with people’s posts. My youtube videos awwww well I have more content on the way slowly lol. Hoping to record something this weekend. I”m excited to do this tag I will def respond over the weekend to this, Need to get the creative Juices flowing again XD

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      Nice nice XD I really thought you were tagged already, good thing I took a leap of faith. 😀
      Yeeeee!! Let those creative juices flow XD

  3. Keiko Permalink

    For something you called a mess, this turned out really well. I loved it! It was simple yet really enjoyable. 🙂

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      Wow, thank you for the compliment. To be honest, I was planning on creating a different story, but everything I wrote became a tragedy in the end and its to depressing. Lol. So I made this one on a whim, and not over think it.
      I’m glad you liked it. XD

      1. Keiko Permalink

        Awh, tragedies are great though, they can be on the depressing side haha. It always works out somehow when things are written spontaneously. 🙂


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