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Birthday Special Blog Update!! – Time for Change

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Yo! Sirius here!

I know its been awhile since my last blog post but yeah, I had been busy with life.

Last weekend was my Birthday so I really don’t have time to publish anything here on my blog.

To make up for the lack of content, I will be making this lil’ update.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my blog, WHEN SIRIUS WRITES.


Oh man, I used to remember making a lot of content for my blog, and just delete them out of fear. I used to post alot of weird entries and even tried the 30 day challenge to bring traffic on my blog. The good ol’ days.

And now, I published 410 posts on my blog. Damn, time sure flies so fast.

I feel so old.


In these past 3 years, a lot of stuff happened on my blog and my life. I went through a lot of breaks and hiatuses, but I always come back to this…


Sharing thoughts.

And that’s all thanks to all of you guys. These past 3 years had been a wonderful ride. I hope you guys will continue to support me until the very end. 🙂

Okay, we are getting sentimental here, this is not what I plan to celebrate my birthday and anniversary.

Just like last year, I wasn’t able to prepare anything to celebrate this milestone. I am that good with events you know. Lol.

I will try again next year, though.

For now, I will be making sharing some life and blog updates, after all, they pretty much go hand in hand now.

As you guys noticed I had been blogging less, almost 2 entries per week. This pace will continue as long as this pandemic continues to ruin our lives. My work requires me to put all of my attention to my job on weekdays so I can only blog on weekends. And that schedule is already hard to follow because I also have my own obligations outside my laptop.

But don’t worry, I will continue blogging no matter what.

However, I do admit that there will be a lot of changes.

I already explained this generally on my last blog update. If you guys weren’t able to read that one, then I’ll just remind you guys again here.

I haven’t been watching any animes for awhile now. It’s not just anime, I haven’t been listening to any Japanese or Korean music, and watch any series/movies. In other words, I am detoxing or having a withdrawal from all of it. Like ALL OF IT.

And the fact that most of my content revolves around those media, I’m pretty much f*cked.


You guys might be curious as to why I going through this. Well, I also don’t know.

I guess, the exhaustion from everything is hitting me with full force now. I mean, I had been consuming these mediums for a long time and out of nowhere, I don’t want anything to do with them anymore.

Believe me when I say I knew this would happen, but I didn’t expect it would be too soon. And in full force too.

But that doesn’t mean I will never consume them ever again.

Anime, JPOP, KPOP, Jdramas, Kdramas, are part of my life and I could never give up on them. It’s just that I am not in the mood to consume them for now.

Like I said above, most of my content revolves around these media. if I’m not consuming them, what will happen to my blog?

Well, my blog continues, but I will be posting a different content.

I know I had been saying this for a long time, but definitely now, I will be posting content outside the norm.

  • I had been consuming alot of western tv series (*ehem* Legacies *ehem*) so I will be posting more about them.
  • I had also been listening to a lot of western music. I will be writing alot of entries about them, especially those songs that hits home the most.
  • I had been reading alot of books too so expect me sharing my thoughts about them.
  • I might also release some original content soon, like poems or stories. Let’s just hope I have enough courage to post them in the future. Lol.
  • I will be sharing more personal stuff too, if you guys don’t mind. I had been having a hard time mentally, so I think sharing my thoughts about everything here on my blog might help me unload some stuff, whatever that is.


This is a total flip from my usual content, especially, most of my readers are anime fans. But this change is inevitable, that’s why I hope you guys will continue supporting me even with this change.

Again, I want to say thank you for the wonderful 3 years. It wasn’t a smooth ride but hey, at least it was hella fun.

Now, on my 4th year, I won’t make any promises but I will make sure to always be myself and release posts that I am proud of.

This has been Will Sirius and see yah!!


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