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A Needed Update.

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Sirius here.

I had been quiet and had not been blogging for awhile. I just needed some break I guess. Wrong timing, right? I know. Heh.

Alot of stuff happened this month that I didn’t anticipate which affected me, mentally and emotionally. I didn’t expect them at all. Last January, I had scheduled pretty much everything I was about to do in the next two months, but damn… reality sure likes to throw some curve ball at me.

I was supposed to be working right now. I was hired last January and was set to work this month. Everything was set, bruh, until I was called on for additional medical check-up. Nothing serious was told by the doctor, just re-checking everything before the start of the job. He then noticed on my file that I have scoliosis. He expressed his thoughts that it would be better if I won’t continue as I would just suffer in the long run. My supposed job is tiring. I would need to sit around all day and be exposed to aircon, and those two factors are big no-no to my ailment. The doctor’s concern were stuck on my mind for awhile, I mean it was hard not to as I am an anxious person. It got worse when my parents themselves expressed the same concerns of my well-being. Great.

Cuz of this, I decided to apply again, this time to a job I’m not much of a fan of. It’s a type of job that is related to my college major and is the most practical job I could get these days. To be honest, I have no problem with the job per se, it’s just that after internship, I knew it wasn’t for me. I don’t fit well in the corporate industry. Still, work is work…I need to work. ASAP.

While I was looking for a job, I lost interest in watching animes and making content. I mean, don’t tell me you didn’t notice the signs? Lol. The reviews were mostly scheduled content so it was easy to release them. It was the Weekly Watch that was troubling me. I didn’t have the right mind and mood to watch anything and it greatly affected my blogging. It not only disrupt the schedule I created but also gave me additional anxiety as I wasn’t able to fulfill the duty.

Silly me.

I guess my dad noticed how frustrated I am with life, proposed that I should upgrade my blog. Hence, this situation… me having my own domain site. It still feel surreal and abit burdensome, but bearable. Lel. I am thankful for all this, but surely my dad knows how to timing things. Lol.

The transferring and editing of my new blog definitely made me forget about my stress for awhile. It made me focus on something not related to my problems. It was nice. While doing it, I also got a chance to see my old cheesy content. It definitely lit some fire within me to continue to blog and share my feels. Not only that, it made me remember how much of an Idol-fan I was. Lel. I mean, I had alot of SNSD, AAA and Hello! Project content back then. And also, it made me remember how much I was free to post anything on my blog. That was when I decided to threw away my schedule (lol!) and just post whenever I want.

Right now, I am still in the process of feeling everything again and slowly standing up on my own two feet.

With me going back to the start with this new blog, I want to be able to express everything I want to express. I won’t hold back anymore. And yeah, I already said this before, but you can’t blame me if I tend to forget about as I like to drown on my misery. LOL.

Anyway, expect my new content to be diverse and really random. I’ll continue releasing reviews, this time, not only more on anime but everything I watch. I will continue to spazzz about the idols I follow and share my love for them, and also share my love of music…no matter how corrupted my taste is. I will also post more personal content, though I am still not sure how I will do them… I just know I will release them. LOL.

That’s…about it.


That’s an update.

So yeah. Again, WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!

Thank for reading.


  1. Yomu Permalink

    Life definitely takes unexpected turns.
    I wish you the best.
    Also, maybe you should try doing some collabs with other blogs to get your follower / viewer count back up? I’m sure many people missed that you’ve moved to a new blog, or didn’t know to look for your new blog like myself. And it’s not like you are a stranger to the aniblogging community!

    I’m going to throw a mention to your new blog in my next post, if that’s all right with you. Just to remind people.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      Oh, thanks!! I really appreciate that. 🙂


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