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Zero – Ikkaku Senkin Game Drama Review

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I don’t know if you guys know this already, but I am the type of drama watcher that I would only watch a series if I know the actors/actresses starring in the series. Yep, I am that type.

Because of it, I was able to witness the growth of specific actors/actresses in terms of their performance and acting skills. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t watch dramas/tv series of actors/actresses I dunno. I also watch them, but not too much.

Zero – Ikkaku Senkin Game is part of the former. The main protagonist is played by Kato Shigeaki, a member of my favorite Japanese idol boy group, NEWS. As a fan of the group, I am very happy to see Shige sensei venturing to more dramas as he is a really good actor.

Another factor that pushes me to watch this series would be the fact that the other members of NEWS made a cameo to this series. I dunno why they did this, but I guess its because this series was airing during the 15th Anniversary celebration since the formation of NEWS, and also the main theme song was sung by the group.

Talking about being bias much, Hahahaha.

Zero Ukai (Shigeaki Kato) teaches middle school students at a private institute. In reality, he is a hero who saves the weak that suffers. Zero Ukai participates in a survival game. The game takes place at an amusement park that is under construction. The participants of the game must risk their lives, but the winner will receive 100 billion yen. The participants help each other and strike up friendships.


Zero  РIkkaku Senkin Game was a series I greatly enjoyed.

Other than the fact that I am very biased, I also liked the story and how it was developed all throughout the series. However, I do admit that its premise is quite similar to the likes of “Liar Game” and “Kaiji”, as all of these series are all under the survival mystery genre. Still, this series can stand up on its own.

One of the highlights I enjoyed about this series would be the games featured. Each one of them are actually simple to understand but got complicated because of the rules and instructions. As the games goes on, we get to know that everything becomes a lot more brutal than ever before.

If I were to point out my favorite game…that would be the Quiz Game. I actually was worried watching that episode. I know the main character could pull through ( I mean…duh.), but it was hard to predict how he could survive it. It was so thrilling.

For the characters, the cast is quite large. Compared to other survival game series, the number of characters that became an ally grew in number. I find that really interesting as usually, they dwindle one by one because of death or other reasons. But nope, Zero was able to change a lot of hearts in here.

As we are already talking about him, I want to point out how interesting Zero is. He’s kind and smart. Clearly, he also don’t abandon friends. Like I said above, his conviction changed a lot of hearts and became an ally. He’s clearly like a perfect hero character.

However, as the story develops, we get to see Zero struggle a lot and see more sides of him. I especially loved the last arc as it wasn’t only very thrilling, we also got to see Zero’s flaws and mistakes from before…showing that he is not perfect and is just a human being like us.

Ah! Before I forget, I also want to highlight the fact that Zero doesn’t always win in this series. Yes, he is smart and all, but there are still other people who are smarter than him.

In terms of cinematography, its still so Japanese style. Not that I am a hater but I wish they could improve this. Lel. I did notice some improvements in terms of camera angles and the overall look of the series. The props they used aren’t as cheap looking as before and a lot of them looked legit. I also noticed that they added some CGI on some episodes. They are not really bad, but they are not really that amazing, either.

Now, about the cameo appearances of Kato Shigeaki’s fellow members of NEWS, I really love their characters. Each one of them felt not out of place and the acting performance of the members were amazing. I know that each one of them had previous acting gigs and all, but its been awhile for them compared to Shige. Out of all the member’s acting, the one that blew me away was Koyama Keiichiro’s performance in the last arc of the series. OMG, it was so good. I guess, being a real life bestie of Kato made Kei’s acting more believable.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this series. Even though I am very biased about this show, I can still say that this is not the best survival game tv sereis I had seen. It’s still hands down “Liar Game”. Still, the love I feel for this series is real and it may not be the best, its still good enough to be shared and enjoyed by other people.

So please watch!


It’s been awhile since I released a tv series review.


Now that it is 2020, I will be more open to making other content, bruh.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this and check out the drama as it is worth your time.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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