Voice (Korean Drama) TV Series Review

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There’s so many tv series on queue right now on my list.
I chose to watch this one, Voice, because I wasn’t able to finish watching this when it was airing last year. It aired around the time I was already on my last year in university. Thesis was my life back then, LOL.
Anyway, here’s my thoughts:

Drama: Voice
Revised romanization: Boiseu
Hangul: 보이스
Director: Kim Hong-Sun
Writer: Ma Jin-Won
Network: OCN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: January 14 – March 12, 2017
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Starring: Jang Hyuk, Lee Ha Na, Yesung, Oh Eun Seo, Kim Jae Wook, etc.
Synopsis: Moo Jin-Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) was a popular detective who solved major cases, but after his wife was murdered by a serial killer his life spiraled down. He is filled with guilt that he was not able to protect his wife and he secretly looks for her killer.
Meanwhile, Kang Kwon-Joo (Lee Ha-Na) graduated at police academy with top marks. She began to work at an emergency 112 call center. Working there, a brutal murder case takes place and her father/police sergeant went to the crime scene. Her father is killed there and Kwon-Joo hears what happened over the phone. Afterwards, she goes to the U.S. to study and comes back to Korea as a professional voice profiler.
Detective Jin-Hyuk and Kang Kwon-Joo solve cases together. Chasing a serial killer responsible for the deaths of their family member.

My Thoughts:
This is one heavy dark crime drama. I didn’t expect this at all. Ah, well… I kinda knew that its going to be heavy and dark…but I didn’t expect it would this really really dark & heavy.

Just from the first 10-15 minutes, we immediately see a gruesome and painful scene. Watching it made me question WTF was I watching. It was too dark, but I really really like it very much. The premise is very intriguing. A widowed policeman who seeks vengeance for the death of his wife and a police woman who has a gift of super ultra hearing ability. Both of them seeks to find the serial killer who killed their loved one, and uncover the dark and dirty secrets of their city. Bruh, watching the whole series was a freakin’ rollercoaster ride. If I had watched this weekly I might have died cuz of the waiting and the heavy ‘I-want-to-flip-my-table-right-now’ cliffhangers. Compared to the other korean crime drama series I had watched, this series flowed really really well. The pacing was outstanding, and the ending didn’t feel rush. Thank you Lord, I actually found a korean series with a not rushed ending. The whole series was complete, very complete. I really really love it.

I deifinitely love all the characters, even the freakin’ antagonists. The actors playing the roles did a wonderful job portraying their assigned characters. Their acting was really believable and it was like seeing them as their characters, not as known actors & actresses. The best actor would definitely go to Kim Jae Wook. Damn, he portrayed his character really really well. Hands down. Jang Hyuk & Lee Ha Na also did a wonderful job portraying each of their roles. I had always been a fan of Jang Hyuk, I had seen some of his works and bruh, he fits the role really well. But, it was too well. I mean, I had seen him in a slightly similar role before so seeing it again now was a tiny bit downer. I’m not really familiar with Lee Ha Na’s work. Well, I might have watched her dramas before but I don’t remember what they are. I really really like her character, but I do get a bit bored at times cuz she’s a bit boring.

Oh my, the supporting characters. They made this series more awesome. Each one of them shed light and color to this series. They made this series alive. Even the really really minor characters, their acting were really on point, I couldn’t ask for more. Bruh, I didn’t notice this at first, but damn, Yesung is here. In this series. Wow. I never knew he could act. And he did it really well. He was so handsome too. I do find Oh Eun Seo a bit boring. She seemed to be a strong character based on her initial reaction in the first few episodes, but she became kinda weak later on. I think her character was kinda poorly written, and its kinda…uuhhh…slightly standing out cuz she’s surrounded by well written characters. Anyway, I still like her.

I’ll be very honest, I wasn’t able to pay attention to the music and the soundtrack of the series. I was too engrossed to the story I wasn’t minding what kind of music was playing. I think the only music I could remember was the classical piece that was playing when Mo Tae Gu was in the bath tub and on some other scenes. I think that one sticked to me because it was the only music I think was not made by the musical director of the series, but was added for the sake of the plot. But anyway, I’m sure the soundtrack of this series is good. Korean soundtracks never disappoints after all.

Overall, the series is LIT. I totally recommend this to everyone. You won’t be disappointed. I do admit, compared to other dramas, this one is underrated and under-appreciated. But still, this one is a masterpiece. Watching it will feel like your riding a roller coaster, finishing it feels satisfying.

If you are a fan of dark, heavy, psychological, crime korean dramas, then this series is definitely for you. But if your the type of korean drama watcher who likes the romantic stuff, uuuuhhhhh…this series doesn’t have romance, but I assure you…you will still like it. Unless, you don’t like the heavy stuff. Oh well. Anyway, I would recommend this to everyone. No exception.

That is all.
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  1. Joseph Beech Permalink

    Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve watched a Korean drama.
    Last time I watched one was back in University with a Korean exchange student she showed me one called Snow Queen. It was Soo saaaad 😢😢😭😭

    1. Sirius Permalink

      Snow Queen….
      I think I have heard of that one before…
      Gonna check that out..you should try and watch this series too 🙂

      1. Joseph Beech Permalink

        😆😆 It’s a deal then , I’ll watch Voice you’ll watch Snow Queen. During the week day only have time for an episode a day . I’ll let you know when I finish 😃👌

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