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TV Series Feature: The Librarians

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I was a fan of the ‘The Librarians’ movies. I saw them frequently on TV (HBO, Star Movies…I love you) years ago, I fell in love with them and I really really want to watch more of the movie. It was through my dad that I discovered that there’s a tv series version of the movie. I was so happy!

Episodes: 42
Seasons: 4 (recently cancelled)
Network: TNT
Genre: ActionAdventureComedy
Starring: Rebecca Romijin, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, etc.
Synopsis: A group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts.

My Thoughts:
I love this show!!!

Every bit of this series is what i had been looking for for years. As a fan of anime, I had been a fan of magical shows. I find them very appealing, fun, and imaginative. Magic can be interpreted and explained in different forms, it depends on the story being told. This series pretty much nailed every thing I know about magic and history.

The Librarians is definitely a series for the people who loves history and magic (LIKE ME, Hehehehe). The connection between the two goes way back to the myths and legends. I really really like the fact that this series tackles those stories that had been deemed as fake and only just a myth/legend. Even though I do know that it might not happen in real life, since this series features real people  (3D characters and not the typical 2D that I see in anime), its kinda hard not to hope and wonder if the Librarians and the magic really exists. If God exists, why can’t magic and other myths/legends exists too?? Anyway, we are getting kinda out of topic here. Lel.

What I like about this series was the fact that this series is not that hard to watch/ to follow. I had seen ‘The Magicians’ series, and it was dark, deep, & edgy. But this series, The Librarians, balanced comedy, drama, & action, its very exciting to watch. Even though the series is episodic, those genres were used properly which makes the viewers gets shocked that they enjoy a series like this one.

Another thing that I really like of this show would be the relatability of the characters. Each one of them is very unique, different and special. Each of them has a roles and position in the group. There wasn’t a moment in the series where a character got neglected. Each of them has always something to do. When I first saw this series, I really thought the Asian looking Australian thief would be set aside cuz I thought he’s abilities  were limited to stealing stuff. I WAS WROONG. Lel. He’s very vital in the group. He’s very smart & smooth, you can’t help but like this guy.

I think my only problem with the series would be the undeveloped romance of Flynn & Eve. I mean, after their slightly brief first meeting, there is immediate attraction between the two. I thought their relationship were ‘colleagues but I just happen to be attracted to you’, but it was more than that. It was a bit shocking to me how fast their relationship flourished. I did rewatch the first few episodes of S1, to know if there were hints, but it was too acute to even consider as a hint. LEL. It seemed all the development of their romance happened so behind the scenes or something. I’m just justifying things now. Haha!

Hhhhmmmm…are there any more negative points I could think of? Hhhhmmmm…as of right now…Nope. All I get from this series are full of good vibes, each episode always brings a satisfied smile on my face.

Overall, this series is a must watch, especially to people who likes/interested in history, myths and maigc. The way the play around those themes and the already known infos and still make everything fun and light is giving me the feels I haven’t seen on a western tv series (most I see these days are either too angsty or action crime drama). I do hope you get to feel it too.

Definitely worth a try you know!!
That’s all for now, Thanks for reading.


  1. KingDylbag13 Permalink

    I saw some of the first season then I forgot about it. I liked what I saw though

  2. Jon Spencer Permalink

    I saw some of season one and about half of season two but never got back into it. I think it was a fun show based on the film, as you mention, but it was lacking something that kept it from being compelling in such a way that I waned to actively watch it every week.


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