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TV Series Feature: Something About 1 Percent

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Usually, remakes of widely known series/movies are hit or miss. It would either suck or b better than the previous version. Infairness, this time around, they surpassed the original version.
Drama: Something About 1% (literal title)
Revised romanization: 1%ui Eoddungut
Hangul: 1%의 어떤것
Director: Kang Cheol-Woo
Writer: Hyun Go-Woon (novel & screenplay)
Network: Dramax
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 5 – November 24, 2016
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Starring: Ha Seok Jin, Jeon So Min, Kim Hyung Min, Joo Jin Moo, etc.
Synopsis: Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin) possesses a good appearance, he is smart and comes from a wealthy family, but he is also arrogant. His grandfather orders Jae-In to enter into a 10 month contract engagement with a female school teacher that he has never met in his life. Lee Jae-In slowly falls in love with her.

My Thoughts:
I watched the original ‘Something about one percent’ a long long time ago. It was aired on tv, specifically on the weekends after the animes were aired. I barely remember everything that happened in the series, but I could still remember the main premise and how much I enjoyed watching it. When I heard that there’s going to be a remake of the said series, I was a bit scared and excited at the same time. Like I said in the intro, remakes are a hit or miss.
Thank God this was a masterpiece.
With the success of a lot of K-dramas that has unique premise nowadays, a simple and cute romance series like this one is refreshing. I do admit, the main premise of this series is sooooooooo generic, well, its a remake of a famous K-drama in the early 2000’s after all. Its understandable.
Now time to mention the stuff I love about this series.
First. I really really love the characters. I was a bit nervous cuz there’s a chance the actors and actresses won’t live up to the original, but man, they are so good. Their acting is so good. Ha Seok Jin & Jung So Min portrayed the characters really well. Each one of them gave justice to Kang Dong Won’s & Kim Jung Hwa’s characters. The main couple has so much chemistry, they are so cute together. I also like the supporting characters. They didn’t disappoint.
Second. This series is so well paced. To condense a 26 episode series into a 16 episode one is so surreal and hard to do. The writers of the new series definitely remade the original story really well. There wasn’t a boring moment, and everything was laid out really well. I binged this series in one go. My overflowing feels prevents me to stop watching. It was that good.
Now, let me share to you the stuff I don’t like about the series.The only thing I don’t like is the fact that people take this serues for granted. One reason would be the fact that this series wasn’t aired in a known broadcasting network. Not many people knows about this series and thats a bit sad. This series is really good and it deserves attention. Another reason was the fact that this series a remake of a well known material. The expectations of the fans were a bit high, and they didnt give this series a chance to shine.
Overall, this series is very good and a good romance series to binge watch. Give this one a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

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