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Doctor X S1, Japanese TV Series Review

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I have a soft spot for medical dramas, whether they are american or asian, I watch them all the way.
Doctor X is one of them. I always wanted to watch this since it aired years ago, but I was too caught up with my other  tv series, animes, & idol stuff, this one was thrown to the back burner. I started watching the first season last year, but I forgot to make a review about it. Just few days ago, I finished watching the 2nd season, and bruh, I have some stuff to share. But before I share my thoughts about S2, here’s my thoughts about the S1.

Drama: Doctor-X
Romaji: Dokuta-X Gekai Daimon Michiko
Japanese: ドクターX ~外科医・大門未知子~
Director: Naomi Tamura, Hidetomo Matsuda
Writer: Miho Nakazono
Network: TV Asahi
Episodes: 8
Release Date: October 18 – December 13, 2012
Genre: Medical
TV Ratings: 19.1% (weekly average)
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Starring: Yokenura Ryoko, Tanaka Kei, Uchida Yuki, Katsumura Matsunobu, Suzuki Kosuke, etc.
Synopsis: Michiko Daimon (Ryoko Yonekura) goes to a university hospital with her letter of introduction. Michiko Daimon is a freelancer surgeon and is placed at the university hospital by a doctor placement agency. Due to the hospital’s harsh working conditions several doctors have quit. Michiko doesn’t appear as your typical doctor. She wears shorts and some people assume she is the girlfriend of someone at the hospital. Michiko though is an excellant surgeon.
At the university hospital, Michiko makes objections to the director of the university hospital, who plans to perform a surgery. Michiko points out the director’s antiquated surgical methods and the fact that he hasn’t performed as a surgeon in many years. Others though are frozen by Michiko’s objections. Nobody second guesses the director of the university hospital.

My Thoughts:
I had watched quite alot of japanese medical dramas. Like always, this series, Doctor X, brought/showed something new to me that was very interesting and intriguing. Freelance doctors. I’ve never heard of those before, here in my country or in the west. Whether this type of doctor is real or not, bruh, they sure live a better-ish life than the one stuck in the organization of a hospital. Lel. An organization would either be good or bad. It depends on the people running it. If most of them are corrupt and selfish, the organization’s definitely affected by their poison. And bruh, the org in the series is definitely corrupt through and through. Theres politics even inside the hospital. Damn.

What I see from this series, was that Daimon was standing out greatly. She wasn’t and has no plans on following the ‘rules’ set out by the organization. She’s seen as both cool and arrogant. Her being deviant was the key plot of the story. Cuz she’s from the outside, she careless expose to people (mostly her fellow doctors) that being tangled in the politics is definitely a no-no, especially cuz they are doctors, they are supposed to help those who are needed no matter what. Its a freakin’ service job, not a popularity contest. It wasn’t only her defiance that stood out from Daimon, also her outstanding skills. She traveled all over the world to hone her skills as a surgeon so that she could help more people in the future. Its truly inspiring. But those stuff weren’t the one that made me like Daimon or this series.

One of the things I like about the series would be the interesting problems the doctors faced all through out the series. Yeah, the show is kinda episodic (its always like this, lel), but it kept my attention on the screen. There’s no single episode where theres no scenes in the operating room. The sickness/problems of the patients were indeed complicated, but there’s always a solution. Even though they didn’t show much on how they operate the patient (need to keep everything censored, lel), they do try to explain as mundane as possible, the operation. As an ex-med student, medical stuff always tingles my heartstrings. I am always intrigued.

Another thing I like/love about the series would be the character developments, especially with the main character. Daimon is an amazing doctor, her only problem would be communication to the patients. She doesn’t know how to talk things with them. (ah! even to her fellow doctors) I find this really cute. Her struggles to connect was seen all through out the series, also her growth. You can’t see it very much, but there’s a subtle change later on on how she handles the patients. You can see her change more in the next season, but thats for another entry. It wasn’t just Daimon who had growth, also the other doctors. Jounichi is my fav in the series, and her development through out the series was really good to watch. I don’t want to spoil anything, but she definitely made the right decision in the end. I also like the growth of other doctors, but they are not as appealing as the 2 mentioend above. Lel.

Hhhmmmm…I think my small complaint of the series would be the lack of action in the operating room. I did say above that they censor it, but its still a shame I don’t get to see some good stuff. Other than that, I’m all good.

Overall, this series is definitely a must watch, especially if you are a fan of medical dramas. The series is easy to binge watch and the story is very interesting. You’ll not only see the medical side of the series, but also the hidden political structures in the organization inside the hospital. Definitely worth a try.

That is all.
Thanks for reading!


  1. ameithyst Permalink

    What I’ll always remember of this is Daimon’s wide-opened eyes whenever operating. LOL
    And Jounichi is my favorite character, too! She’s just so easily likeable. 😀

    1. Sirius Permalink

      Indeed. Everytime Daimon does that, I want to see what she saw, LOL.
      Jounichi is low key badass in the series. Thats why she’s my favorite XD

      1. ameithyst Permalink

        LOL and yeeees! That’s why she’s the first one I looked for when I watched the second season. XD


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