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I’m going crazy over “My Favorite Murder” Podcast

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Yo!! Sirius here.

Today, I will be talking to you guys about my current favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder.

I already expressed my love for it on my Feb rundown a few days ago, after all, this podcast pretty much ruins any sort of plans I have for my life. 


Don’t get the wrong idea, I love the podcast, I really really do. I just didn’t expect I would be addicted to it this much.

To give you guys an idea as to how I discovered My Favorite Murder and how I become a “Murderino”, let us start at the beginning.

Rica G’s Influence

It all started around the time I got into listening to podcasts.

Rica, a Radio jock in Monster RX 93.1, was a member of a radio show called “The Morning Rush“. Recently, they had been publishing their show on Spotify, but as a podcast (they removed the songs and ads). In the show, Rica expressed her love for true crime. She shared that she listens to a lot of podcasts and mentions “My Favorite Murder”.

I got curious.

She didn’t mention where she listens to it, but she expressed how much she loves it and how “wholesome” the podcast was. I was pretty much sold at that point. However, I am a forgetful and lazy person, I keep on forgetting to check it out on different streaming formats.

Anyway, a few months later, I begin to listen to Rica’s first official podcast, along with her best buddy, JC, called “The Halo-Halo Show“. In the podcast, they talk about the current happenings in our country, the Philippines, and their personal stuff. It’s in here, again, where Rica shared her love for true crime, especially “My Favorite Murder”. She even plugged the other true crime podcasts and said that all of this could be found on the glorious Spotify, but this one struck me the most. 

I mean, with the title called, “My Favorite Murder”, who wouldn’t be curious about it.

And that my friends, was how I got to know the podcast.

Now, let me share with you guys why I love it now.

Not a good start

I immediately check the podcast out on Spotify. I downloaded the first few episodes, just trying it out if I would like it or not.

Believe it or not, I was a bit disappointed with the first episode.

Listening to it, it made me feel like the podcast is not well organized. It turned me off, to a point of me listening to other podcasts instead.

However, Rica G (again) influenced me again with her spazzing about the podcast.

I thought of giving it another try.

I guess I was too judgmental in the beginning, after all, it was just the first episode and maybe they don’t have a proper format yet. I mean, I liked listening to the cases they talked about but I guess the messiness of it all made me drop it.

After listening to more episodes, I became enamored by it

The next thing I know, My Favorite Murder is now my favorite True Crime podcast.

It’s amazing. 😂😂

Best True Crime Podcast

I am now a Murderino.

You guys might be wondering what it meant. Murderino is the term used to describe people who are fans of the podcast, My Favorite Murder.

I don’t know who made the term, or maybe I haven’t reached that episode yet. Lol.

So yeah, I am a proud Murderino.

What made me become like this?

First things first, I love True Crime.

Even when I was young, I’m already fascinated by it.

From all the crime-procedural tv series I watched when I was young, to the killings I see on TV news, I’m pretty much sure I am quite jaded. Lol. 

Still, I only became really into it around the time I took up the course Psychology in college. The science didn’t just teach me to understand myself and human behavior, it also taught me tons about the abnormalities of the mind. 

Yep, the Personality Disorders.

That opened the doors to a deeper understanding of a broken mind.

Having all of this knowledge about it, I kinda want to consume stuff that is somewhat related to it.

That’s where this podcast, My Favorite Murder, comes in.

The podcast was just another true crime show out there. However, there’s something about this show that stand out over the others.

What made them stand out? It’s the hosts and their humor on the cases they talk about.

The hosts, Karen Kalgariff and Georgia Hardstark, are hilarious. I know it’s a bit weird mixing true crime and comedy, but in this podcast, IT WORKS.

Other than that, I was able to learn more about the cases, solved and unsolved, that I had always been curious about. From the mainstream killers to one time murders, the hosts tackled all of them with humor and I love it.


Now you might be thinking I am weird. Well, I am okay with that.

I mean, I never expected I would actually find a podcast about true crime and talk about them in a comedic way. It’s unheard of, after all, people would alienate me whenever I would even share a bit about true crime. So yeah, discovering this podcast is like me finding a place I could call home.

The hosts even mentioned before that through this podcast, they were able to cope up with their own anxieties and mental health problems. It’s like a therapy, they say, and bruh, I totally agree with it.

I, myself, have a lot of anxieties and I also have my own mental health issues. In some ways, the podcast, along with my other hobbies, help me a lot in dealing with them. Because of that, I am thankful.

Effect on my Daily life.

Okay, I admit.

I had been slacking off, quite a lot lately, especially on my blog.

I’m sorry.

It is because of this podcast.

I’m sorry.

I can’t help it.

I can’t stop myself from listening to it.

However, the effect is opposite when it comes to my work. 

I dunno if I shared this before, but I had been working on an office job for over a year now. In my workplace, accessing our cellphones is prohibited. Because of that, I couldn’t listen to my own music playlist. 

I tried finding different ways to listen to music, and Spotify was one of those solutions. Since then, I had been listening to music and podcasts. 

When I said it had an opposite effect, I meant that ever since I listened to My Favorite Podcast, I had been able to concentrate properly on my work.

I don’t know what kind of magic this podcast has, all I know I can do my job better than before. It’s really weird, and I wish I know why. 

Whatever the reason is, I am thankful…I guess.

Check this Podcast out

We are now at the end of my nonsense spazzing on My Favorite Murder podcast.

To conclude all of this, I love this podcast. Like very very.

I really thought I would only be stuck on listening to Filipino podcasts, but these True crime podcasts definitely are a breath of fresh air.

Would I recommend this? HELL YEAH. 

I know this podcast is already very very popular already, so maybe you have heard of this before. If you guys haven’t checked this one out, please do. 

Now that I am an avid podcast listener, I might dive in into other true crime podcasts as I am currently into them. I might also check out some anime podcasts and other Filipino podcasts.


That’s all for now.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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