Music Single Feature: Kimi Dake ja nai sa…friends – ANGERME MV

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Okay. I was planning on releasing a review of this single last year. But, because it was a Blu-ray single, it was hard to obtain a copy of it. Bruh, this single was so damn expensive. Getting a copy of it took a lot of time and a piece of my soul (RIP me, Lol).
Now, after 3 months of waiting, I was able to obtain a copy and watch it to my liking. Ahhhhhh…sacrificing a lot of money definitely was worth it. My soul was healed.

This single contains 3 new songs of the group, ANGERME. This is also their first single (also a first in Hello! Project) that was released in Blu-ray instead of the usual CD, so this was something new. Do I like it (being Blu-ray)? Not much. We all know blu-ray discs are so damn expensive, but the quality of the videos does replenish all the doubts and worries of the fans. Lol.

I chose this song to review first because this was the first song I heard from this single. So, here it goes.


The song is good. So good. I can’t describe really well what I feel. The song was both comforting and painful. I also feel a pinch of joy and hope. Damn, mix feelings. It’s not only the music that made me feel this way but also the way the members sang their parts. This song was led by Kamiko, Mizuki, and new member Kawamu.

Ah! Before anything else, let’s me share my thoughts about Kawamu’s voice. I didn’t expect her to have this cute voice. I promise! I mean, I kinda new who she was cuz she was kinda a famous old indie idol who recently joined H!P, but I never got a chance to listen to her singing abilities. After hearing her voice quality, bruh, she fits well in ANGERME. XD

Anyway, let’s proceed. It was a smart choice choosing Kamiko, Mizuki & Kawamu as lead and centre of the song. Their voices fitted well with the song and they delivered the solo lines really well. I also like how the other members sounded in small groups. Their voices blended well together and they delivered the right emotions and feels of the song.

I really really like the arrangement of the song. Its a mix of old and new style of H!P music. It was both nostalgic and refreshing in my ears. Some parts of the song feels bit generic, but it was mixed with new sounds it was still refreshing.

Kudos to the person arranging and assigning the singing parts. I really really like what he did with it.


Ouch. The lyrics is quite painful. It hit right to my heart. It resonated to me very much. That confused feeling, and the feeling of helplessness, every line of the song hit me like a wrecking ball. No wonder I felt what I felt when I listened to the song. Damn.

“I’m fine being irreponsible, I just want to take things easy.”
“No, I need to do things more responsibly.”
The weak me and the strong me
Are clamoring into the ears of my heart
Though I have just this one body
It’s like I have two different minds
Please, stop quarreling
Deep inside this heart of mine that was closed shut

That was just first verse. From those lines itself I can already feel my heart breaking into pieces cuz of my relation to the lyrics. It reminded me of my struggles, my thoughts during my depression. I resonated hard to the lyrics. I really really how relatable the lyrics are. The lyrics tells us not to worry, we are not alone. There are other people who feel the same way.

And yet still
Deep, deep in my heart, sinking like sediment
Are feelings with names I know nothing of
I wonder if
I’ve met these feelings in order to become an adult, and I wonder
That if when I meet them, I can really accept them into myself

Everyone surely has their struggles
It’s not just you
It’s not just you
Everyone is surely the same
It’s not just you
It’s not just you… friends

The lyrics follows the typical comforting and ‘do not give up’ type of songs, but what made the song special is the combination of the lyrics and the amazing arrangement of the song. With the hopeful melody, the lyrics was delivered to the listener very well.

Music Video:

This MV is beautiful. The girls looks stunning. The props used for the MV were a bit lousy and generic (as expected, Hello! Project), but I really love the effects used to make the MV very pretty.

With a Blu-ray copy, I can totally see clearly how gorgeous everything was. I also noticed how soft the visuals were. The mixture of colors weren’t overbearing, but instead they were comforting and appealing in the eyes.

I especially love the scenes with Rina & Rikako with a glass. Both my biases in one shot, uuuggghhhh, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MV DIRECTOR!! <3 <3

I didn’t see much of the dance, but its okay. There are other angles/versions of the MV here in the BD, so I could look at them later. For now, we are focusing on the MV.

Overall, this pretty much became my current favorite music video of ANGERME. Everything was done right. I really can’t see any negative about this MV. Its too good to be true. Wow.

The song is also one of the best one I have heard of ANGERME. Even though this was a Kamiko, Mizuki, & Kawamu centered song, I still love it. This song pretty much dethrone Morning Musume’s The Vision as my go to song when I feel down. The impact of this song to me was hard. Hahahhahaha.
Definitely, this MV sure set the standard high. I do hope the other MV’s would liven up or go even par with this one.
That would be all for today.
Thanks for reading.

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