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Second song of the latest single of ANGERME, Manner mode.  Out of all the songs in the single, this was the main and most promoted one. I admit, at first, I really don’t like the song. It’s not my jam. BUT! After seeing a live performance of it, damn bruh, this song is good.



After listening to the song again and again, I kinda like the song now. Ha!

The guitar intro in the beginning sounds familiar, like I heard this intro before I just can’t pinpoint what. The transition from the guitar intro to the main melody screams ANIME OPENING to me. LOL. Why isn’t this an anime song??? I can even imagine some anime scene sequences while the chorus was playing. This is one of the things I love with ANGERME’s music, they always have these songs that screams ANIME. It’s I do hope they get recognize and release an anime opening or ending song of an anime. Anyway, let’s go back to the song. The arrangement of the song was consistent all the way til’ the end. There wasn’t any “WOW” or amazing parts in the song. One of my favorite part of the song would be the bass in the instrumentals. SO goooooooooodddd. Listening this on Headphones is HEAVEN. Another one would be the guitar rift before the coda, uuugghhh, it gets me everytime. Even though it’s not unique in any way, I just love how it adds climax feels to the song before the start of the coda. Yep Yep, I like that part.

The song was led by the triple center Rikako, Ayaka & their youngest, Kassa. I feel delighted listening to my biases, Rikako’s & Ayaka’s, on point vocals, they fit really well with the song. Kassa, on the other hand, her vocals are holding on really well compared to the previous releases of the group. I could see the improvement in her vocals, and I like that she still has her confidence even though she lacks vocal prowess. I do know she’ll improve more, she’s still young and she has more to learn. The group singing parts were arranged really well. Members were group in a way were their voices compliment with each other. You can hear this more during their live performances.


I’m no japanese, that’s why I always need the english translation to know WTF the song was about. Compared to Kimi Dake Janai Sa…friends, you won’t see any english translations for the other songs in the single. RIP me. But I didn’t gave up, and was able to find one. It’s just cc on a youtube video, at least.

The lyrics was quite interesting. Its about a girl who compares herself her feelings with a phone. She wants to be noticed by the person she likes but she’s on ‘silent mode’ and can’t express herself well.

The lyrics’ quite cute but its kinda generic. I already heard and know alot of songs with this kind of lyrics, but the idea of projecting once feelings to a phone is quite unique.

Music Video:

Out of all the MV’s on the single, this is my least favorite. I thought the single was supposed to be MV focused, with a large budget, why the f***** this MV looked so cheap and low-budgeted?!?!?!?!?! This is the freakin’ main song of the single and yet the MV is a huge disappointment. Are they sponsored by Apple or somethin’?? LOL.


I do like the dance shots and the close-ups, but the outdoor shots, uuuuggggghhhhhh. I don’t see the purpose of those. The girls do look good, at least. I really don’t like the costume, but bruh, its H!P, they don’t disappoint me with their weird costumes.

Overall, the song grew on me. The MV, on the other hand, I don’t think I would watch this again, unless I do some MV marathon in the future. I prefer to watch the other versions of MV, especially the dance shot. This song have a great choreography. I think thats the reason why this song was chosen as the main song of the single.

Watching this after the Kimi dake ja nai sa…friends MV, this one was really disappointing. I do hope the next one won’t disappoint me more.

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