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Music Feature: This Week’s Songs on Repeat

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For this week, I have a new set of songs on repeat. Ha! Too many songs released every now and then, sometimes, I can’t even keep up. There’s also some old songs/artists that I recently discovered too. Eargasms!! Yas!!

Let me present you the songs I recently listened on repeat.


Goose house – Days


I recently discovered this group, Goose house, a co-ed music group. I love listening to their songs. It’s really refreshing and a breath of fresh air. Most of their music are acoustic, it soothes my soul.

This song, days, is currently my favorite of the group. The song makes me feel good. It makes me feel calm and relax after a tiring day. The vocals of the members blend together with the music, it’s so good.


ClariS –¬†Mizuiro Kurage & Usotsuki


ClariS’ voices are so calming in here. No words can explain how beautiful their voices are. To be honest, when I first heard their album, this song was one of my least favorite song. It’s good, but not as good as the other songs. After seeing it live, damn, the clarity of their voices moved me. It felt surreal, that’s when I fell in love with the song.



I loved this song since the first time I heard it on their album. Hearing it live, it gave me goosebumps. Along with the awesome background lights, the clear vocals of Clara and Karen reached my heart. From Clara’s soft voice to Karen’s straight vocals, everything, it’s too good to be true.



Tokyo Girls Style – predawn


Hhhmmmm…I never knew would actually like a song by Tokyo girls style. I’m actually not a fan of the group. I dunno why, I just don’t feel their songs compared to the other japanese girl groups, but this song is different.

The song has RnB feels, with a touch of EDM x HIPHOP. I’m quite choosy when it comes to EDM, but this one is within my alley. The vocals were impressive too. ¬†All of them are good in singing. Kinda bummed by the distribution of the singing parts, but nah, there are other groups who suffer far worse than TGS (ehem! Morning musume…. ehem!). The dance is also good, as expected from an avex group.



EXO – Power


Infairness, I actually like the song. It’s been awhile. The last time I liked an EXO single was Lucky One, and it wasn’t even the main single. ‘Ko ko Bop’ was a disappointment. Compared to Power, it took me a million listen to ‘Ko ko bop’ before I deem it acceptable.

From the first listen, I knew the song would be a new favourite of mine. The arrangement is very western and EDM, but I’m okay with that. The melody and easy too sing lyrics made me like the song. It’s also very enjoyable to listen. All of the members were really good, vocal-wise. I really like the distribution of singing parts.



Lovelyz (Babysoul, JIN, & Kei) – Morning Star


This song is <3 . It’s soothing not only in my ears but also my soul. The melody and arrangement of the song is quite typical and common in KPOP, but the vocals, THE VOCALS, gets me every time I listen to this song. Babysoul, JIN, & Kei delivered there lines really well. Hearing Babysoul’s emotional vocals is a special treat as a fan. JIN was really impressive in delivering the powerful and important parts of the song. Kei, my KEI, even though she got the least singing parts, she slayed them. As expected from my bias.



Yoona – When the Wind Blows


YOONA!!! <3 <3 <3

When I heard the news that she’s going to release a SM Station single, I was literally on Cloud 9. SM, you actually did something good this time around.

The song is soothing, smooth, and simple. It’s in acoustic, so its easy to listen. Yoona’s vocal range was shown in this single. Her vocals were soothing, easy to listen type of voice. It just shows that she can sing too bruh!



Sam Smith – Too Good at Goodbyes


This song hurts. Oh my ghad. I accidentally heard this on Youtube, ever since then I have been listening to this song nonstop. The song lyrics killed me. It was that relatable. Along with the relatable lyrics, simple melody and Sam Smith’s vocals, this might be the best song I have heard this year….so far.




I heard a lot of new songs this week, but the songs above stand out more than others (that new Taylor Swift song though…uuuggggghhhhh). All the songs mentioned above gave me eargasms the whole week. Most of them resonate to me on a personal level, giving me eargasms in a different level.

That is all.

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