Music Feature: Morning Musume.’17 – Dokyuu no GO Sign MV

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Check out the MV:

My thoughts:

Song – I really really like the song. It made me smile and energized. At first, you might think that the arrangement of the song was all over the place, but after the second listen, damn, this song is really good. It’s also catchy. I also liked that all the members (except the members in the dancing team) got at least 1 line to sing. And don’t get me started with Miki. Oh my! MIKI! Her voice. Yas! I had been waiting for this day to come where she would be given the spotlight and shine. Vocally, Miki was definitely spot on. Her voice totally fits the song. Mizuki and Sakura were great too, as expected. I also liked how the other members singing parts fits their voice range. No one sounded awful through out the song. God bless the producer!

Music Video – The video starts with a white background and the girls were standing in 3 different lines, with their head down and a hand placed in their chests. When the music starts, the first thing I saw was Mizuki with a high side half ponytailHIGH SIDE HALF PONYTAIL. Thank you heaven!! It’s been awhile since someone sported this hairstyle, its also been awhile since I saw Mizuki changed her hairstyle. I’m totally in heaven.

Mizuki is <3

Enough with all the Mizuki spazzing.

Oh my Reina! Why are you so cute?!?!?!?

We then get to see some girls smiling in the camera. **dies**

Ayumi in Full Daaishi Mode XD , Lel Maachan got blurred


Then full throttle with Miki solo.



I literally died within the first few seconds of the MV. What the hell?!?! Since then, it’s kinda hard to concentrate to the MV. Well, the rest of the MV didn’t help much.

I really do want to appreciate the every scene of this MV, Cuz the MV looks really good. It looks high quality. It’s just that the fast editing of the scenes sometimes made me dizzy. The brightness of the colors around the MV was totally not helping.

I’m not much of a fan of their costumes. Most members got some meh wardrobe, while other got good ones. I like the casual clothes of the members, it totally fits each one of them.

I would have appreciated the MV more if only the dancing team were given enough decent shots. I could barely see my bae, AYUMI <3, it was that hard. I could see the dancing team members smiling and enjoy dancing, but I want to see it in full. I do hope they’ll release a dance version of this song.

Overall, The Music Video was indeed fun to watch. The fast editing was kinda hard to swallow at the beginning, but you’ll adjust….eventually.

I can’t wait to see more of Morning Musume.’17






Ayumi in Orange. YAS.
Even though its kinda blurry…I can still feel the Daaishi feelings. Ayumi <3

That is all.

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