Music Feature: Can’t stop the FEELS

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Yay! This feature is back! After its long hiatus, I am going to revive this. I am going to post more music content here on my blog. Ooohohohohoh.

As always, I am going to share to you most of the music I am currently listening to, nonstop. You might find them weird, and pretty much don’t understand my taste in music. Well, it can’t be helped. HAhahahahha. I am a type of person who listens to everything, so my range in music is kinda……..wide.

Without further ado, here are the songs that I enjoyed and can’t stop listening.

CNCO ft. Little Mix – Reggaetón Lento (Remix)

First up!

Going with a bang is the latest single of Little Mix. Well, its not only their single but a collaboration with CNCO, they released Reggaetón Lento Remix.

Why this song?

Well, Little Mix had always have a spot in my heart. I always support the songs they released. This song is no exemption, and this song can’t be hated on. It’s a really good song with an addictive music. I love jamming to this song from time to time.

Little Mix’s vocals were really on point. I’m not that familiar with CNCO, but they do have good vocals too. And they also have a lot of cute boys in their group. oooohohohohho.

Overall, this song is easy to listen and jam into.

The Unit – My Turn

Oooohohohohoh. As you can see. I am following this korean survival show. The fact that it stars old korean idols who debuted but didn’t get the right fame for them, this show is really intriguing.

Bruh, this is better than Produce 101.

After hearing this song for the first time, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I could say this song is kinda similar to Nayana of Produce 101 S2, but even better. This song, with a combo vocals of the winning boy & girl teams, was pleasing to listen. It’s quite clear that the idols in this competition have real talents that have not yet been given the opportunity to be recognize. I do hope they’ll release more of this type of co-ed music in the future.

Arashi – Breathless

Oh my…

I got eargasms listening to this song. I recently watched Ninomiya’s Platina Data Movie, and I was really blown away cuz of the story, the acting and of course, the music. This song was the theme song of the movie. Everytime I hear this song, it made me remember the movie.

Arashi had always been consistent with their releases. They have this signature way of singing their songs that can’t be copied by other groups, especially their fellow Johnny’s. This song was special, not only cuz of the movie, but cuz Nino has a solo part in the Coda. He sang it really well. As a big fan of him, I got goosebumps listening to it.

BTW..I couldn’t find a better audio of the song. So, I instead give you an accurate piano cover of the song.

Morning Musume.’17 – Jamashinaide HERE WE GO

Since this song was released last October, this song had been on my playlist. This is really really good. It’s the first time Morning Musume uses this type of electronic music, it was refreshing.

Their vocals were really on point, I especially love the Maa-Chii combo. This dual center was weird at first, I never expected them to look good together, even sound good together. I also love the solo lines given to the lead vocalists in the group. It was divided really well. The talking parts, though, hhhhhmmmmm. At first they were awkward, but I had gotten used to it and it fits the lyrics so I’m good.

I will give my full review of this song along with its MV soon.

Unison Square Garden – Invisible Sensation

Of course!!!


Ballroom e Youkosou OP 2.

This song is good. Too good. I love USG. Everything they release are eargasms to me. What to do? I can’t describe this song properly.

Uuuuuuhhhhh.. This song is really good. REALLY REALLY GOOD.

Yeah. I love it.

Remioromen – Konayuki


This is the result when you binge-watch one of your all time favorite tv series. You’ll have one of the OST songs stuck in your head no matter what. Uuuuuwwwwaaaaaaa…

This song hurts. It’s painful listening to it, and yet I keep listening to it. This song is painful, not only cuz its one of the OST of 1 litre of tears, but because it makes me remember the crap and the shit I had gone through in life, and its painful. But I love listening to this song. It makes me vulnerable on a different level, which is good, I promise.

The way this song was arranged and composed was really brilliant. Its really dramatic yet simple at the same time. The vocals was really on point too. For an old song, this one is really timeless.

Taeyeon – Time Lapse

From one painful song to another. Uuuuwwwaaaaa.

I love sad and angsty songs. I am sorry XD.

I listen constantly to Taeyeon’s music, it became a habit of mine. Recently, this song gave too much effect on me compared to other Taengoo’s music. This one has a unique arrangement, specifically the verses and the build-up. It made the climax of the song really satisfying and more heartfelt. I really really love it and its really refreshing.

This song, its tempting me to make an angsty story. I dunno why. The effect is really outrageous to a point, random possible scenes in a story appears on my mind and gives me a vision on how the story goes and how it should end.

I am both scared and intrigued by this. Its been awhile since I had wrote a story. With this song itself, pushing me to make one is really amazing, but I am scared that I might not live up to my on expectations.



That was one hell of a list. Hahhahhah.

I do hope you enjoyed listening to them too.

That is all.


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