Morning Musume。’17 – Wakaindashi! MV Review

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Oh my!!!! I am so late!!!! It’s been few months since my last music/music video review.

I am so bad.

This post gets delayed again and again, along with the other song “Jamashinaide HERE WE GO”. I promise to post the latter soon.


Without further a do, I will now share to you my review of the 2nd Song in the latest single of Morning Musume。’17.


I will be very honest with you, I almost couldn’t listen to this song. Why? Well, this is Kudo Haruka’s graduation song. It was hard. And as a fan of the 10th generation of the group, I know this is a special song to them. I may not be a huge fan of Duu, she is still part of the 10th gen, so she is still precious.


Wow. I didn’t expect Morning Musume。’17 would sing a house music type of song. Dang! This was a splendid surprise. The song is upbeat and simple. It sounds so tropical and easy to listen. It’s refreshing, I really really like it. But at the same time you can hear a hint of melancholy in the music. It’s not only melancholy I’m hearing, I can also hear happiness and full of hope in the voices of the members. The way they sing the song, its full of mix emotions. Well, it is understandable, one of their prominent member will be leaving. Oh my…I can already forsee the performance of this song on Duu’s graduation, It’s going to be a crying fest. Damn. I think I might cry too.

Everyone sounded really good in the song. The division of lines was not that bad. Most of it are sang by groups, which made the song soothing in the ears. In this song, it features Akane, Reina, & Maria some simple singing parts in the 2nd verse. I think the reason for giving them lines, was the fact that these 3 are the current youngsters and babies of the group, like how Duu was the youngest few years ago. Nice nice. I also really really liked how the 2nd chorus was done, I am after all a 10th generation fan. One by one the 10th generation members sing along with Duu, uuuuwwwwaaaaaaa Love it.


The lyrics….makes me cry.

It’s full of hope, fear, desire, happiness, & more…those emotions, mixed up together… uuuwwwwaaaaaa. This is really good. This might be the best graduation song I have ever heard (well, I don’t consider Endless Sky as Riho’s graduation song…lol).

Oohoohooh, the good thing about this song lyrics is that its not only for Duu’s graduation, the song can resonate well to all the youngsters out there. It’s about us, knowing more about life, the struggles, the achievements…we make mistakes, we desire stuff, we have dreams…after all, we are young anyway. 🙂

This song is like a yell song for the youth and about youth. 😉

Music Video:

Out of all the music videos released in this 64th single (Jama Shinaide Here We Go! / Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakaindashi!), I watched this music video last. Cuz I know how special this music video was. It even had a ‘complete version’ in the limited edition release of the single, where it features some clips before and after the music video. It was that special. Duu was that special.

At the start of the music video, we see Duu crying. The hell!! Uuuuwwwwaaaaa… It’s already a sad and heatbreaking MV for me. This is hard. How can I continue watching this MV when at the start I already saw a crying Duu. T_T


The next sequence shows the members, in white dress with a white background as their back drop, dances to the beat of the song. First glance to the dance, I already knew I’m not a fan of it. Sorry.

Why am I not a fan? Well for me, it doesn’t look cool, it looks more like an interpretative dance, which I am not a fan of.

It is indeed limitless…

Duu starts the song by singing the first line of the chorus solo. Wooohh!! Nice nice.

…unless you reached the utmost atmosphere and went to space. Ha.ha.ha.

It was followed by Akane, Reina and Maria, joining Duu in singing the chorus. Good for the 3 of you, you got some good spotlight. Then the bus scenes. So heartwarming. I can’t stop smiling. All of them looks so good and cute. Oooohohohoh

Now, in the verse parts…

It seems the 9th generation members, Mizuki & Erina was with Chii-chan, the only 14th generation member. Funny, she also happens to have a similar face with the ex-center and 9th generation graduate member, Riho. XD

My baby Chii-chan in the middle. ooohohohohoh

SO CUTE <3 <3 <3

Next, were Kaede, Sakura, Miki & Haa-chin.


I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough. Sakura looks ugly in my screencaps. No matter how much I screencap, Sakura looks weird in the pics. I am deeply sorry for this. I didn’t do this on purpose.





And Behold….

The 10th generation members moment in the 2nd chorus. <3 <3 <3 <3

Oh my…

This moment was really beautiful. So beautiful to a point I didn’t even notice my tears were falling while I was still smiling looking at the scene. Damn. This hitting me harder than I thought.




Uuuwwaaaa…This MV was the best Morning Musume graduation MV I had ever seen. This is more than I asked for. I got MaaDuu moments, I got group moments, IshiDuu & FukuDuu too, and most especially, the 10th gen moments. Too precious I can’t.

I loved how this MV was edited. The effects added more color and depth to the scenes in the MV. I am still not a fan of the dance part, and I am kinda happy they didn’t went full force dance only type of MV. Yeeeee. I am also glad to see Chii-chan blending well in the group. As much as I like that she got the member color White, I still want her to inherit the member color Orange from Duu. But if not, oh well.

Overall, the MV was really moving. I did know I would be affected by this, but I didn’t know it would be that much. From the song up to the MV, everything was well done. Kudos to the staff & management handling Morning Musume, you did well this time.

Oh my…such a long post.

Please don’t mind me spazzing all over a simple song and music video. I can’t help it XD


Please do check out the MV.

Thanks for reading.

That is all.

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  1. TPAB~ Permalink

    i’ m a jaded cynical asswipe, so I just find some cute scenes a bit trying hard. I love the song though. It has personality outside the typical saccharine idol stuff.
    thanks for this, btw. i’m downloading it, mainly cause it’s cute, it’s a nice send off for the graduating member, and the subs has easy japanese I can use to train mah reading skills. i have zero clue what i’m reading though. i just know i can read katakana now. mwahahaha.

    1. Sirius Permalink

      Uuuuwwwwaaaa I’m glad you liked the song.
      The japanese and english subs goes along with the MV, cuz their idol company acknowledged that their groups have international fans. The subs are indeed really helpful. I’m glad it’s useful to you too 😀


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