Music Monthly Melodies: Old Songs I drown myself to

Monthly Melodies: Old Songs I drown myself to

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Reading Time: 5 minutesI dunno if I shared this before, but ever since I was young, it’s always been hard for me to express my feelings. I think I used to express them before, but I guess some bad stuff had happened to a point that I now suppress whatever emotion I have. Lol.

That’s why, growing up, music helped me a lot. It lets me feel things. Letting me know I still have emotions.

Huh, I’m being dramatic nowadays.


For today, I want to share with you a list of old songs I listen to (even until now) that were there for me during my…uuhhhh…depressed days.

I couldn’t remember much how I discovered each one of them, but I do remember listening to them nonstop and let myself drawn to the melody and message of the song. It helps me feel things.

But before I share them, I do wanna mention that they are not really depressing songs. They are actually a variety of songs from different singers/bands, ranging from pop to ballad. Even until now, I find this list very interesting.

First on the song list was The Ballad of You and I by Melee.

I really don’t remember much how I discovered this song, but I remember liking how the song was arranged. The build up on the refrain to the chorus was amazing, listening to it makes me want to raise my hand and sing the song in front of everyone (PS, I will never do that in real life).

I find the lyrics a bit cheesy but was written well. It’s a love song through and through.

I just wish this song is on Spotify so that I could blast it on my speaker. uuggghhh.

From a band song, let’s go to a chill one.

Collide by Howie Day.

If I remember it right, I discovered this song through a Kpop fanfic I read years ago. It was about 2 friends who were really close, to a point that they looked like they are dating. I don’t really remember much of the story, but I remember the author mentioning how this song inspired him/her into writing the story.

So of course, I listened to the song and got hooked with it.

I find the song really sweet and calming. It’s quite hopeful too. Definitely a change of pace compared to the Melee’s song.

Time to go down on feels.

The next songs I will share with you guys are songs I listen to when I’m feeling angsty. From it’s gut-wrenching melodies to the heartfelt lyrics, these songs makes my mind go to places that are full of angst and I low key love it.


These songs are A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope, Love Song Requiem by Trading Yesterday, and Never Let Me Go by Florence + Machine.

I enjoy listening to these songs as it makes me feel the pain, longingness, and the other dark side of love. As I am the time of person who holds everything in before fully feel every emotion I needed/supposed to feel, these songs help me release them at least.

Me and my dramatic moments.

The next set of songs were songs I got into after watching a lot of fan-made videos on youtube. 

I really liked these songs as they give me different feels everytime I listen to them.

I love listening to Echo by Jason Walker because of its lyrics. The lines of the song hit me like a truck because I can relate to it very much. So if I want to cry silently on my bed, I would listen to this on repeat.

Holding On and Letting Go by Ross Copperman was in some ways memorable to me as it made me remember the FMVs I watched. I dunno why by I had seen a lot of angsty FMV’s using this song, so everytime I listen to this song, the FMV’s play on my head. And bruh, I would go on a breakdown. Lol. Depends if the FMV was an angsty one or full of fluff. 

Me and my addiction to shows.

Favorite Girl by Icarus Account was totally different from other songs. I discovered this song through an FMV of Yoona of Girls’ Generation. The FMV featured everything that made Yoona beautiful, other than her physical appearance. Since then, this song became a staple part of my playlist.

Not only this song makes me feel happy because of its message, but also makes me smile because of its sweetness. It’s nice to listen to these kinds of songs from time to time. At least to balance out the angsty ones. Lol.

I don’t think my list would be complete without some mainstream songs.

First up, Just so You Know by Jesse McCartney

Ever since I first heard this song years ago, this had been stuck on my playlist for a long time. Not only we are graced by the amazing voice of Jesse McCartney, but the song also hits me hard with its angsty feels. I have never experienced whatever the lyrics was talking about before, but damn, listening to this song made me feel like I experienced it first hand. Jesse’s that good.

Want you Back and The Way to my Heart by Mandy Moore.

Okay, these songs are not really popular, but Mandy Moore is quite known.

Ever since I watched her movie, I Want to Remember, I pretty much devoured all of her stuff. I got the chance to listen to these songs and I really liked them. They are not really angsty or full-on happy, these songs were really cute and along with Mandy’s sweet voice, I can’t help but fall in love with these songs.

This song is precious to me.

I dunno if I already shared it here on my blog, but I was a Britney Spears fan for a long time. I listened to all of her songs and watched all of her concert DVDs. I was that kind of fan.

Out of all her songs, I’m not a Girl, Not yet a Woman stood out to me the most as it was the song I could relate to the most, especially during my rough days.

Other than me being a Britney fan, I was also a boyband stan. Lol.

However, I am not that diehard like the others, I was more into their songs than the boys. 

TomorrowI’ll Take the Tears and When I’m Missing You were my favorite songs of mine from the boyband, A1.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of songs of A1, but these 3 songs are by far my favs. I really don’t have a specific reason as to why I love these songs, I just love its melody, arrangement, lyrics, and how the members sing their lines. Uuugghhh so good.

If I Let You Go by Westlife is my favorite of the group.

Just like A1, I listened to all of their songs and I loved a lot of them. But I always go back to this song, as it was the first song I heard from them. I also love the meaning of the song and its melody.

Lastly, I don’t think I would move on without me sharing my favorite song of the biggest boyband of all time, Backstreet Boys.

All I Have to Give by Backstreet Boys is a precious song. Not only highlights the vocal prowess of the group, but the is also very sweet.

Again, I love a lot of BSB songs, but this one is that track I can never skip on no matter what.

Okay, the song list is quite long. I just realized that now.

If you guys noticed, most of the songs I presented are love songs. Well, I am a sucker of romance so I can’t help it. Also, most of the songs I shared are quite cheesy, especially to today’s standards.

I am aware of that, but I don’t care. Lol.

These songs still exist on my music playlist, along with new songs (which I might share in the future). They also help me alot in my writing which is nice. Atleast, other than making me feel like shizz, the playlist now has a different purpose.

I guess that is all for now.

This has been a long one, still thank you for sticking out til’ the end.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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