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Monthly Melodies: New Songs I discovered

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Sirius here.

It’s been a while since I made a Monthly Melodies post. hehehe.

For today, I will be sharing with you guys a list of songs that I had been listening to this past month. And they are all English songs.

Surprise, surprise.

These past months, I had been drowning myself with English music. Though, recently, thanks to Girls’ Generation and Hello! Project, I am slowly but surely getting myself used to Asian Music again.

Anyway, yes, English music, I had been discovering a lot of interesting and really good music recently. It has been an amazing ride and I can’t wait to share it to you guys.

They are a lot but I will try to choose those songs that left a bigger impact on me.

The first song I will introduce to you guys was a song I discovered while I was reading a lot of Hosie fanfics on Archive on our Own.

The song is “I Don’t Want to” by Alessia Cara.

The fanfic author expressed how this song inspired the short story he/she made and recommended us, the readers to check out the song. So I did, and I love it. It made me more excited to check out the fanfic.

And damn, the fanfic short story was really sweet, fluffy and everything I didn’t know I needed. The song fitted well with the narrative the author aimed for so everything made sense.

Since then, this song became a favorite of mine, not only because of the fanfic but also because of the song itself.

The melody is simple but tight, the lyrics is very sweet and sad at the same time. You can really feel how Alessia expressed how she doesn’t want to move on even though she needed to.

I love it.

Another song I discovered through Hosie fanfics was a song about longing and loving someone from afar.

The song is called “I Wish You Were Mine” by Loving Caliber.

The fanfic writer just recommended to listen to this song to understand more what the protagonist was feeling for the other character. It made me feel more for the protagonist and at the same time, I really appreciate the song.

The song doesn’t only give off the longingness of the singer, but also his/her love for the person. It makes me feel things, reminding me of the old times when I also experience this kind of unrequited love for someone.


Speaking of Hosie, there was this love song I discovered while watching Legacies. It was around the 2nd season episode 9. Hope and Josie were having an alone time together and the background music was very ethereal and hypnotic to my ears. I was really intrigued by the song and tried searching it on YT and boom, its now one of my comfort songs.

The song is called, “Astronomical” by SVRCINA.

I really love this song, mainly because of its arrangement and melody, its so calming to my ears while at the same time hypnotic. The lyrics reflects the mood of the song and everything feels full.

This song is really astronimical. Hehe.

Another song that I discovered through Legacies that is also Hosie-related was an original song from the series itself.

This song was called, “Crush on You” by Soul Fro and Dum Di Dum.

This song is quite special as this song represents the crush Josie had for Hope that was revealed on Legacies. Josie even sang a bit of the melody on the show. Soul Fro and Dum Di Dum are both actors/actresses on the show and they made a full song out of the melody from the show.

As a Hosie fan myself, I automatically love this song. Not only that, the song is fun to listen to.

Every week, there is a special playlist Spotify have every week called “Discovered Weekly”. I always make sure to check them out every week. Through that playlist, I discovered a lot of new and old songs, but its the new ones that amazes me the most. I mean, damn, who new these songs even exist.

The first song I will share that I discovered through Discovered Weekly was “Stare” by Rory Adams.

I like this song a lot because of its chill melody. The voice of Rory Adams is very soothing too. The song is full of feels to which I like these days.

Next song I want to share that I discovered was “Little Do You Know” by Alex & Sierra.

Another feelgasm song.

I liked this song very much, especially when I feel really melancholy because of its lyrics. The song is both romantic and painful, I just love it.

I really like how this song gave us both the POV’s of the couple and how they are trying and making their relationship work no matter what the struggles they experience.

Uuugghhh, such a good song.

Another song I will share is a sweet song called, “Say it Again” by Frances.

I find this song a bit funny and heartwarming cuz of the meaning of the song. The person can’t believe someone would confess or would love him/her, I mean, I can really relate. Lol.

I guess that’s why I really liked this song.

I have both the proper version and the acoustic version of the song cuz why not, I just love the song.

Lastly, the last song I will share that is from the “Discovered Weekly” was an interesting one.

I felt like I had heard this song before but I just can’t remember where.

The song is called, “Smoke From Distant Fires” by Will Jay & Sonika Vaid.

This song is really fun to listen to and it makes me want to go outside and go on a roadtrip or something.

The melody is so soothing and it radiates romance and hope, I love it. The lyrics is the same too. The singers’ vocals fits well with the song and I just love it.

Now, I also became addicted to songs that are quite popular and mainstream.

I mean, they are really good songs so me liking them is reasonable.

First up, was a popular painful song called “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi.

I discovered this song through Legacies and some fanmade videos on Youtube. Like Astronomical, I heard this song played in the 1st season of Legacies and I really love the chorus and how painful the song sounds. Lol.

After listening to the song fully after checking it out, this song became part of my “Breakdown” playlist. Lol. I mean, duh, the song is so painful…it’s a must for this song to be part of the playlist where I cry and breakdown.

Next popular song I liked recently was “Love Someone” by Lucas Graham.

I have heard of this song since last year, especially on the radio, but I never paid much attention to it.

One day, I heard this song played through my sister’s All English playlist, and I just…felt something.

The song makes you think about how a person could love someone. How much and how deep their love is for that person, and I dunno, it made me appreciate the song.

I don’t think I could finish this list without sharing songs that are upbeat.

These songs are fun to listen to.

I discovered them through my interactions with my twitter friends. I dunno what led us to the topic but we were sharing spotify playlists and songs. I checked their playlists and discovered a lot of amazing songs.

One of them was this upbeat song called, “Feelings” by Hayley Kiyoko.

I was already aware of this song for years now, but I recently come to appreciate it. It’s a really good song to listen to.

Another upbeat song I liked was “Nervous” by L Devine.

The song is so cute and fun to listen to. The song is basically about you being nervous around your crush. WE CAN ALL RELATE. Lol.

Last song I will share is quite a popular one.

It’s the song Taylor Swift seemed to forgot to make a music video about.

Yep, its “Cruel Summer”.

I stopped listening to Taylor Swift after me not liking most of her Reputation singles, but damn, Cruel Summer is such a bop I can’t deny its existence.

From it’s arrangements to its lyrics and melody, uuuuggghhh it screams AMAZING SONG.

It’s that good.

Hah, I end my list with a bang. Lol.

I’ll be honest, this list barely scraped my music playlist. I discovered a lot of songs and these past months had been an amazing ride.

You guys should try and listen to these bops as they deserve a lot of love.

Now for a mini-update.

Sorry for not updating these past few weeks, I kind of lost my desire to write stuff on my blog. I was able to regain it recently and force myself to type something because I lose the desire.

I won’t promise anymore cuz my mood is a b*tch and I can’t control it.

I guess, just expect some posts whenever I can, cuz I really dunno when will be the next post.

I do admit I have a lot of content ready to be posted, I just need to finish writing and edit them.

Motivation and Desire…please be good to me.

Anyway, I won’t prolong this any longer.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for checking this post.

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