Monthly Melodies 2020: Spotify Edition

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Monthly Melodies is back!!!!

Yeah, baby!!

I always wanted to revive this feature on my blog because I listen to music everyday. Heh.

This will be a different kind of Monthly Melodies because its not only feature the songs I listened all throughout this month of January, but its also going to be themed.

Yep, I mean its quite clear with title. For this month of January, I will be featuring almost all of the songs I listened on Spotify. I featured this streaming platform before but at that time, I was still using the app freely.

Now, I am a changed woman. I’m using it constantly, especially when there’s internet and space on my phone. Lol.

I won’t be featuring Hello! Project songs here as their songs are not even on Spotify, and I already made different posts on them. Check them out instead.

Okay, I won’t prolong this any longer, here are the songs I had been listening on Spotify this past month.

First up is a Filipino song. This was a theme song of one of the recent popular drama here in my country. The song is “Bawat Daan” by Zephanie & Ebe Dencel.

The popular series, The Killer Bride, was a huge hit in my country because of its intriguing story and excellent execution. Of course, I became a fan of it. It’s also the reason why I became addicted to its theme song. Not only this song gave me feels with its sweet lyrics and soothing melody, it also served as memory tool to remember all of the amazing moments of the series.

This song was originally sang solo by Zephanie, but as the series’ story progressed, this duet was then released and it made the song more emotional than ever be.

Do check the song out on Spotify.

Next song I constantly listened this month was another Filipino duet song. Well, I had been listening to this song since last year, I just can’t get over it.

The said song is “Dati” by Sam Concepcion & Tippy Dos Santos (ft. Quest).

What I really liked about this song was its melody. It’s not something new or anything, its just my cup of tea, bruh. I just love it. The lyrics doesn’t disappoint too, it’s very nostalgic as it made me remember all of the stuff I used to do when I was a kid. Well, except the fact that I have a childhood sweetheart. Lol.

Anyway, this song is totally recommended. Have a listen.

This next song is not a Filipino song, but more of a throwback.

This song is Love Song Requiem by Trading Yesterday. This song is not really well-known to everyone so you guys might’ve first heard this one here.

I stumbled on to this song while I was watching different kinds of FMV’s on Youtube about the CW series, The Secret Circle. I was really into that series and I really want to see more of the main pairing’s moments.

This song was featured quite a lot in different FMV’s because of its melancholic yet soothing melody. The lyrics weren’t any better, it gave off depressing yet beautiful tunes and message. I love it. Definitely, a good song to listen while you want to drown yourself in your thoughts.

Another throwback song I listened this past month was more uuuhhhh…generic. It’s an idol song, okay.

Around mid-2000’s I got hooked into a young boyband. That group was Dream Street. I discovered them because of Jesse McCartney. He was the baby of the group and I think was also the main vocalist.

Anyway, I took advantage of Spotify and listen to their songs because, bruh, its been awhile. The song of the group that I can’t seem to stop listening was This Time. OMG this song is so generic but so good. I guess my love for Jesse made me love this song more than their other songs because Jesse had amazing singing parts in this song. LOL.

But yeah, give this one a listen.

As we are already on the topic of Jesse MacCartney, I don’t I could move on with sharing to you guys the song that was on repeat since…uuuhhhh…I got a premium account on Spotify.

This song is Just so You Know by Jesse McCartney.

I fell in love with this song, the moment I first heard it years ago. It’s that good.

From Jesse’s raw singing to its lyrics, this song made me feel like I was in some kind of love triangle with people I haven’t met yet. Lol. Listening to this song made me think of a lot of potential fanfic stories (that will never see the light of the day). Heh.

Next song is the last song I will share for this month. Heh.

This one is quite new and its a collaboration between a country singer/s and a pop singer.

Yeah, this song is 10,000 Hours by Dan + Shay ft. Justin Bieber.

I casually listen to Dan + Shay as I am also a fan of country music. I really didn’t expect they would actually collab with the Justin Bieber. I mean, both are in the different music genres, so yeah.

This song pretty much reminds me why I love listening to country music. With an easy melody to listen and meaningful lyrics to understand, its impossible for a person not to like this one. As always, Dan + Shay is amazing as this is their field, but damn JB sure fits well in this genre. I love this song more than his new song. Lol.


i just noticed that most of the songs I listened on Spotify are either old songs or romance songs. LOL. I can’t help it, I love love songs very much.

This music feature of mine will continue to be posted at the last week of every month. I might botched this schedule in the future, but bruh, I will do my best to follow this as much as I can.

I think that’s all for now.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

Please don’t forget to check out the songs I mentioned above. heh.

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