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Monthly Melodies #2 – OPM feels

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Even after the transfer to the new home, I would not stop sharing music to you guys.

For this month’s monthly melodies, I want to share to you guys some OPM songs that are currently popular here in my country, Philippines. They are also some of the songs I listen all through out this month as they are all love songs.

OPM means Original Pinoy Music. So most of the songs I’m about to share are sang in my language, Filipino.

I hope you guys would enjoy them.

First up, Buwan by Juan Karlos.

This song had been the favorite of alot of people ever since this was released last year. It’s a song that has alot of feels and grit, even if your not heartbroken you can still feel it. It’s that painful and it resonates.

This song is loved by many as it is refreshing. Its been awhile since I heard this type of music. This song itself embodies what made the OPM music in the late 2010’s amazing.

I hope you guys would love this song as we do.


Next is another painful love song that is very popular right now, Kung di rin lang Ikaw by December Avenue featuring Moira Dela Torre.

Heh. Such a painful song. Well, the song is about loving someone who doesn’t love you back. So…friend zone. Ouch, right. Yep, filipinos love these kinds of songs. Even me. The more painful the song, the more its awesome and loved by everyone. After all, everyone can relate.

If you like this song, you can also check out the other songs of December Avenue, especially the painful ones. Lol.


Next is an old song. 214 by JM de Guzman (Rivermaya cover).

I really love this song.

This was one of the first songs I learned that was from an OPM band. An Iconic song.

This recently resurfaced after being used as the main theme song of the movie, Alone/Together. I am not a fan of the movie, but I am happy that they made this song popular again as this song deserves its fame.

The song is a bit positive compared to the first two, but I do admit that JM’s cover is bit painful to listen. Not in a bad way. I mean, he made the song painful and sad, at the same time declaring his love for his lover. I don’t have problems with it as it fits well with the movie tie-in.

You guys should check out the original version too. Hhehe.


Another song is Kahit Ayaw mo na by This Band.

Yes, there is a band called “This Band”. I know right.

It’s a song about a couple on the verge of breaking up but still holding on. The upbeat melody is really catchy, I really like it. No, I love it. It’s really really good. The song’s lyrics were written well too.

This Band is definitely a promising band.


The last song I’ll share is one of my recent favourites, Bakit ba Ikaw? by Michael Pangilinan.

I didn’t know this song existed until it was performed on TV by a contestant in a singing competition. Lol.

This is another painful song. Yes, I love pain, its my jam when it comes to OPM.

The song is unrequited love. No matter how much the person lets go of their feelings, its still there and continues to love the person even if they’ll never be together. Uuuwwwaaaa…so painful. I LOVE IT. I’m a masochist, okay.

It wasn’t just the lyrics that made me love this song, also the vocal prowess of Michael Pangilinan. He’s so good.

It’s these kinds of songs that made me love OPM more.

Overall, these are OPM…but that doesn’t mean it represents the whole OPM. There are still alot of amazing songs repressing OPM but the ones mentioned above are my current favourites. I resonate well with even though I don’t have a love life. LOL.

Maybe in the future I might share more upbeat and not painful OPM songs.

For now, enjoy the beautiful music I shared and check the artists out.

Thanks for reading.

See you next month!

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