“Jinsei Blues/Seishun Night” by Morning Musume.’19 Review

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After making a comeback on blogging, I never thought I could do this feature ever again. I mean, compared to my usual entries here on my blog, this feature is my least viewed. Still, I just cannot not share my thoughts about music.

I am no expert on music or anything, I just want to share my thoughts about it thats all. Lol.

Why am I explaining this again now? Dunno. Just felt like it.

My music reviews won’t be like my previous ones. I needed to upgrade my style of writing from to time, just like how I chqnged my way of reviewing animes. Heh. This new style is still very new so bear with me.


Moving on.

For my first music review in a while, I will be sharing my thoughts about Morning Musume.’19’s newest single, Jinsei Blues/Seishun Night.

Just like their 2018 past singles, its another Double side-A track. Very…disappointing. Still, a single release is a single release, I will accept everything. UFP should be thankful they have a fan like me. LOL.

This single was released last June 12, 2019. It went against my all time favorite boyband, NEWS, which was a bad move on MM’19’s part. Of course, a veteran popular Johnny’s Idol group would win the top spot. I guess, for consolation prize from me, at least I listened to MM’19’s single first. Lol.


Now for the songs.

Interestingly, I actually liked both songs in the single. Both of them have their own unique style and at the same time, its so MM. However, I do admit they are not the best songs MM’s released, and thats a bit sad and frustrating as a fan. I mean, now that they seemed to be more mainstreamed than ever before, I wish they could get amazing songs to fully recharge their HYPE TRAIN to the top. Uuugghhh, UFP and MM’s management team…more effort, please!?!?

Out of the two songs, Jinsei Blues is my favorite. Its chorus is really addicting and the melody is so my JAM, I love it. I think my only problem of this song would be the lack of climax and “meh” dance break. The dance break is pretty much the longer version of the intro and I don’t want that. The lack of climax pretty much killed the song. This song could have been a huge BANGER if only their was a proper build up in the last section of the song. But the thing we got is a repeated chorus…again and again. Believe me, I love the chorus, but it would be nice if they added more “oomph” to it. Sad.

For Seishun Night, I like the song overall. From the verses to the chorus, it was solid. My only problem to it was the rap. I felt it was a bit out of place, and they also break down the melody which was a downer. And of course, the ultimate slap on my face was the fact that Mizuki, their leader, was leading the rap. Why?? No offense, I love Mizuki, but she doesnt have that swag needed for the part. And she already have alot of parts, why give the huge rap parts to her, too?!?! Sorry. I thought I could get over it, but it just doesnt fit.

For the lyrics, both songs are quite related in some ways. Both are about life and one’s outlook to it. In Jinsei Blues, it talks about life and how it tends to be unfair to you. Even though you think everything is going well, life throws you a curve ball and leaves you shock, you just need to stand and get on with it as its just life. It is what it is.

Seishun Night, on the other hand, had more uplifting message. Similar to the previous song, it is still about life. Even though you are depressed, you can’t stay stagnant. You need to enjoy it as we only live once. I really like the lyrics, especially the chorus where they keep on repeating the word “enjoy”. Its like they are hypnotizing you to enjoy life as much as possible.

I guess, with these kinds of lyrics, we can say that this single had some say about how we, humans, approach life. This always amazes me when it comes to H!P’s lyrics, they always makes me think about something. Heh.

Overall, this is a solid “okay” single. With only 2 songs, I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Though, I do admit I listen to Jinsei Blues heavily recently. The lyrics hits me hard, I love it.

These songs are nice to listen to but in some ways, I feel like I will forget about them in the future. Uuuggghhh…I need solid songs!!!

I guess, that’s it for now.

This had been Will Sirius, and thanks for reading!!


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