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Here is my review of the last song from the latest single of Morning Musume.’17. Like the previous music feature, I also delayed this entry too much to a point I almost forgot to post it. Uuuwwwaaaa, I’m so bad.

Compared to the other songs in the single, this by far is my favorite. Music wise, its definitely right in my alley. It’s also the first song where Morito Chisaki, a new member of Morning Musume, is a center along side Sato Masaki, 10th generation member, who wasn’t able to participate the previous single cuz of health reasons. This song has a cool and slick dance choreography that I really really like. But before I elaborate that more, Imma first discuss the song.


It’s an EDM type of song that Momusu haven’t tapped on yet. When I first heard the song, my jawdropped cuz I didn’t expect they would use this type of EDM. It’s really refreshing and pleasing in the ears. All of the vocals were on point, I have nothing to say. No one stand out in a bad way, and everyone got singing parts (even though some sang in duets, its still a singing part). The lead vocals did very well in expressing emotions in their solo parts, and like I said, it was very pleasing in the ears. I had eargasms listening to it.

I think the only not-so-negative thing I could say about this song was the talking part in the coda section. I find that part unnecessary. I mean, if you listen to the song, the 2nd chorus was already building up to the coda, but out of nowhere a random dialogue of the 2 Haruna’s appeared, it was really weird. I am accustomed to it by now (the song is on repeat after all, lol), but yeah, I still think it would have been better if the song had no dialogue in the coda section.


The lyrics fits well with the melody and music. The melody & lyrics were all made by Tsunku. Ah, no wonder it can be interpreted in so many ways.

In my own point of view, the song is about moving on, letting go of what bothering you in the past and discovering a new chapter of one’s life. Ooohohohoho Did I get that, right?!?! Lol.

The song can be interpreted in so many ways. There was a hint of romance in the chorus section, but focuses more on discovering new stuff about oneself in the verse parts. It really depends on the person how this song is going to impact them.

Music Video:

Compared to the other songs in the single, this song has the weakest MV. Nothing really appealing happened in the MV except the dance shots. the Dance shot of this song is a must watch.

Damn, the dance is so good!! It’s everything I could ask for. So many body rolls and hair flips. Dang!! Watching this feels like I’m in cloud 9. Uuuuwwwaaaaaaa. It fits well with the music and the lyrics. Its also a good debut song for Chisaki, who loves to dance to cool music.

Ah, I think the only bad thing I could say about the dance, was the fact that my bias wasn’t in the front. It was disheartening. When I first heard this song, I know that Ayumi could kill this song with her dance, she is the dance center of the group after all. But she was basically shoved aside. Sad. Still, watching the dance shot made me see her even though she was mostly at the back or side. It might be my wishful thinking, but I think the reason she was put there, was cuz of here dancing ability. She stands out to much when it comes to dance, she might overpower the double center if she ever was in the front. I do hope now that Duu is graduating, Ayumi would replace her in the front. Ooohoohohoh.

Another cool thing about the MV, was the fact that they kinda used a different kind of camera for this MV. The cinematography was alot more softer compared to the other MV’s in the past. All the members looks so beautiful here, especially my bias Ayumi & baby Chii.

Earlier in their promotions of this single, the group promoted this song more. Cuz of that they had a lot of performances for this song.

Let me share to you some of them.


That is all.

Thanks for reading.

モーニング娘。'17『邪魔しないで Here We Go!』(Morning Musume。'17[Don’t Bother Me, Here We Go!])(Promotion Edit).mp4_snapshot_04.43_[2017.12.07_13.51.16].jpg
that ending post though. Oh my! YURI <3 <3

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