My Deadly Top 7: My Current Favorite Japanese Films

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Hello, everyone!!

I have another new feature here (I keep introducing a new one these days….shheeezzzz). If you guys can still remember, I posted a top 10 list earlier this month ( or was it last April?). I vaguely mention that I want to keep on doing the top list thingy, but with lesser number (10 is quite alot and very very common). 5 is too short for me, so I am settling with 7. Fight me.

Moving on.

To start off this new feature, let me give you some info about my taste in movies. I recently posted a Movie review about a live-action Japanese Film, so I think its a bit appropriate if I will share my current top favorite Japanese Films too. Heheheheheh.

Oh. Let me remind you that these are all my opinion and my taste only. I haven’t watched alot of japanese movies compared to jdoramas so my knowledge is limited.

I won’t drag this any longer, here’s my top 7: (in no particular order)


I love this movie. Its a story about a normal average guy and a woman cyborg. It has everything in it. Its really funny, it also has romance and a some action (there is a cyborg…so yeah). Watching this movie made me realize how awesome Japanese Films are. I never thought someone would even thought of this kind of plot in the first place. Its very intriguing and interesting. And bruh, that twist in the end. One word, Mind-boggling!!

Another thing that made this movie really special is the fact that this movie introduced me to the lovely Haruka Ayase, one of my all time Favorite Japanese Actresses. She portrayed her character really well, I actually went hunting for more of her works. She is that good.



I think its impossible to be a fan of the Japanese Films if you haven’t seen at least one novel/manga adapted tear-jerking, heart-wrenching movie. I admit, I had a hard time choosing this movie over Koizora, cuz bruh, I was a crying mess while watching the latter too. Ultimately I choose ‘I give my First Love to you’ because I love the story more and I wasn’t able to move on immediately after watching it. Their love story was both sweet & heatbreaking.



Ooohohoohoohoh. My love for this movie is a bit biased. My favorite Japanese boyband, NEWS, has a member who is a certified novelist. During the hiatus of the group, Shigeaki Kato created this masterpiece, Pink & Gray. Since then, I had always wanted to read the book (I’m still trying to obtain a copy). It became a best-seller in Japan, hence, the live-action.

Pink & Gray gave us a story of 2 close friends who aimed to become actors, one successful & the other one, not so much. What made me love this movie is how it mixed different genres which left me speechless. I also love how psychologically intriguing this movie was. I never expected this movie to be both straightforward and complicated. I also liked that it exposed the dark side of fame. Its….uuuggghhh…I just love this movie.




When I saw the trailer of this movie few years ago, I already know that I am going to like this movie. Not because one of bae is starring (Nino is <3 ), but because of the plot. At that time, I really dunno what Gantz was. I didn’t even know its originally a manga and there was an anime adaptation of it, and I am thankful for that. My impressions didn’t waver and was not corrupted by the thought, ‘eehhhh…the manga/anime is better…”.

Why do I like this movie? It has everything I love. Action, romance, drama, thought provoking, amazing acting, amazing cinematography and especially, gore. All of those, I could find in here in this franchise. The scene that hit me the most was the end of the 2nd movie. It hit me right in the feels, I cried my eye-balls out. Even rewatching, its still has that effect. I really love this franchise.



I first saw a glimpse of this movie through a trailer during the Eigasai Japanese Movie Festival here in my place. I immediately got intrigued, cuz of the interesting plot and more cuz of the actresses starring in the movie. Its rare to see 4 of my favorite actresses in one movie. This is a must watch movie in my book.

The movie was moving, warm and deep. The interaction between the siblings were too real and I can relate to the sisterly love (I have a sister too). From the cinamotgraphy to the feel of the movie, it was enthralling to watch. Its all about family, connection, and true feelings. Definitely a must watch.



Toma Ikuta & Erika Toda??? In one movie??? Hell yeah!

When I first watched this, I didn’t really expect much and I only watched this cuz I love both actors. Bruh, THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD. I cried alot at the ending. Their friendship, compassion, and bruh, their suffering is so realistic I can’t. And WTF, the young boy is a half-Filipino??? uuugggghhhhh *ugly cries*.

Both Erika Toda & Toma Ikuta’s acting were on point (as always). Yes, I love this movie cuz of the 2 actors. But more cuz of the story. Its so moving and it sure hit me inside. It was hard to watch a different movie/series/anime after watching this movie, it made me think about my life, others, and everything around me. Its that deep bruh.



This is a recent release. I watched this movie earlier this year, and in no time, it became one of my favorite movies.
I didn’t know much of the story, the actors playing and how this movie would end. So basically, I watched this movie without any initial impression. Through that, I was able to immerse myself more to the story. The story hits me right to the feels. I love the characters and their interactions. The actors portraying the characters did well bringing them to life. This definitely made me want to read the novel and see the anime movie.

PS: Shun Oguri & Keiko Kitagawa in one freakin’ movie, and I didn’t f*ckin’ know any about this??? Woooooohhhh, it was a shocker seeing them in one screen. LOL.


Were you shocked by my list??? That’s understandable. That reaction can’t be helped. My list is, after all, all over the place. Hehehehehhe. Still, I recommend you to watch them. They are really good you know.

To make things exciting too, share to me your top japanese films too. I will check them out for sure. 🙂

Anyway, that is all.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. tetrax4berium Permalink

    Cool, more Jap Live Actions to add to my to-watch-list ^^
    I’ve only seen Pancreas so far, and the rest sounds pretty interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. ospreyshire Permalink

    Awesome. I should check out some of those movies. Some live action Japanese movies I like would be…
    Battle Royale
    The Hidden Fortress
    Who’s Camus Anyway?

    1. Sirius Permalink

      That’s quite an intense list XD. I’ll definitely gonna check them out soon.

      1. ospreyshire Permalink

        I guess so. Hahaha! Sure thing. Most of the Japanese movies I’ve really liked have been animated, but I certainly give live-action stuff a chance.


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